「Do You Want Ice-Cream?」03

FANDOM: Mo Dao Zu Shi
PAIRING: Lan WangJi / Wei WuXian
RATING: General.
NOTE: Modern AU; Professor Lan Zhan (30) x Ice-Cream Man Wei Ying (22).
A/N: Daily update until the end of the story. Around one week of continuous updates.

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It makes no sense for a handsome, intelligent man like Wei WuXian to be selling ice-cream in front of the university, under horrible weathers. It piques Lan WangJi’s curiosity.


To be honest, Lan WangJi now had absolutely no idea how he should face Wei WuXian. He sounded like he was angry, yet not at the same time. He sounded like he was joking, but he also sounded serious.

He hadn’t known the man enough to tell how he’s feeling, let alone how he really felt.

He probably should pull their distance apart for a while, so that both of them can regulate their feelings, so they can both calm down.

In his heart, Lan WangJi knew that he was pushing it. He was the one who’d offered to send him home after all.

But how… just how can he leave him stranded by the roadside, under the rain, all alone?

He can’t. Even Wei WuXian would hate him for it, he can’t forgive himself if he didn’t at least offer to help him.

But yeah. Distance. They needed that.

Even so, when he finished his class the next day, he can’t help but shifted his gaze towards the window.

The weight in his heart lifted when he saw the crowd around the cart. He can’t see the man behind the cart yet but he can see his hand, stretching out to give a girl a strawberry-flavored ice-cream.

For a moment, he thought he heard a burst of laughter; he thought he heard Wei WuXian’s voice in his ears.


It took him a whole lot of guts to approach the cart after that. Unceasingly telling himself that he was simply concerned if the ice-cream man had recovered from his sickness, his footsteps were heavy when he walked towards the cart after all his classes ended.

The sun had sunk beyond the horizon by now. He’d waited for the crowd to dismiss, for fewer people to be around before he finally brought himself to walk towards the cart. The shadows were now twice as long as themselves, the air was damp, smelling faintly of a car’s exhaust fumes. The trees lining the street stood, silhouetted against the darkening sky, their shadows melting away into the blackness of night.

When Lan WangJi came to stand by the cart, Wei WuXian was busying himself with the tidying up with his cart, looking like he hadn’t noticed him. Lan WangJi’s hand clenched into a fist. He wasn’t sure if he should call out to him, or if he should leave now that he was certain that Wei WuXian looked as healthy as before. Yet, before he could make his decision, Wei WuXian looked up from his cart, meeting gaze instantly with his eyes. Dark orbs met light orbs. Lan WangJi’s whole body turned rigid.

“Professor Lan!” Wei WuXian broke into a bright grin. “How long have you been standing there? You should’ve called me.”

“I…” Lan WangJi started. Noticing the hoarseness in his voice, he immediately coughed softly, moistening his throat. “Just came.”

“I see, I see.” Wei WuXian didn’t seem like he’s angry nor did he seem like he’s frustrated at him. It’s like everything that had happened between them yesterday was just an illusion Lan WangJi had imagined in his own mind. It made him less tense, but it also elicited a sense of curiosity from him.

Wei WuXian was… who is he?

He didn’t know him. He can’t understand him at all. Perfectly reasonable. Since they only got to talk to each other just recently. But he can’t brush the feeling that there’s something about Wei WuXian that had yet to uncover, or perhaps, Wei WuXian was just not telling him anything about it.

“Oh, right. Here.”

When he came back to himself, Wei WuXian was handing a vanilla-flavored ice-cream at his direction.

“Debt,” he grinned.

That very word sent a pang of pain right into Lan WangJi’s chest. He looked at the ice-cream, a thin frown on his eyebrows, not taking it.

“What’s the matter?” Wei WuXian asked, surprised at his reaction.

Lan WangJi lowered his gaze and searched for something in his pocket. Wei WuXian waited. The moment he saw Lan WangJi taking out a wallet, he spoke right away,

“No, no, no, you don’t need to pay. I told you I’ll treat you, right?”

Lan WangJi ignored him and took some money out of the wallet. It was more than enough for the price of an ice-cream.

“I don’t like owing people too,” he said coolly.

Wei WuXian stared, dazed, at him for a while before he broke out into a laugh.

“Professor Lan,” he said at the end of his laughter. “No need. There’s no need for you to pay. Not now, not ever.”

Lan WangJi looked at him, clearly confused. Wei WuXian smiled then. He lurched forward, holding Lan WangJi on his hand, and stuffed the ice-cream into his hand.

“I like you, so there’s no need for you to pay,” he emphasized.

The coldness of the ice-cream in his hand felt like it was about to melt right into his skin. But what that was staggering Lan WangJi was the warmth of Wei WuXian’s hand when he made contact with him; like a heated iron, burning his fragile skin, leaving marks all over him.

“Debt…?” he muttered.

“Hahaha, I’m just spouting nonsense, don’t believe that!” Wei WuXian chuckled. “Can’t you see, Professor Lan?”

Lan WangJi looked up at him, his fingers trembled when he felt the cordiality in Wei WuXian’s eyes, his charming features even more ravishing under the orange gradient of sinking sunlight.

“That’s my excuse to give you things.”


Lan WangJi didn’t know how he managed to get himself out of the situation after that.

But when he came back to himself, he was already sitting in his car, the air-conditioning adjusted to the lowest temperature. The ice-cream in his hand was almost melting by then. Noticing that, he quickly opened it up and started eating.

He never knew that an ice-cream can taste so good.


The next day, Wei WuXian was, as usual outside the university, selling ice-cream.

Nothing seemed to have changed. But Lan WangJi felt like he’d been having dreams of the past few days.

Perhaps he’d never known the ice-cream man at all. Perhaps it was all his delusion.

Perhaps if he thought of it this way, he’d feel lesser need to keep peeking at Wei WuXian between breaks.

And perhaps then… he wouldn’t find himself in front of his cart again after classes ended.

“Are you going home?”

This time, it was he who called out to him first. Wei WuXian was about done with the last of his cleaning up. Slinging the white small towel over his shoulder, he nodded.


“I’ll send you home,” Lan WangJi said before he could stop himself.

Wei WuXian perked a playful eyebrow.

“Your home?”



It’s too late to take back what he said. Wei WuXian was clearly joking, he could already see it in his twinkling eyes when he said that. But the moment he saw those twinkles in his eyes changed to shades of surprise, all Lan WangJi wanted to do was to rewind time and take back just that one word he’d accidentally blurted.

What was he thinking, really?

Wei WuXian seemed to notice his struggles, though. Chortling carelessly, he grinned.

“Well, since you saw my home before, it’s just fair for me to visit yours. I don’t have anything to bring along for a house visit, though…”



Lan WangJi had looked away by then. But Wei WuXian, like before, heard what he said loud and clear. Breaking into a wider grin, he said,


A/N: Wei WuXian is extremely honest when he’s sick, but he probably doesn’t remember what he said when he’s sick, just like how Lan WangJi never remembers what he did when he’s drunk _(:3/L Poor Lan Zhan, though.

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