「Do You Want Ice-Cream?」06

FANDOM: Mo Dao Zu Shi
PAIRING: Lan WangJi / Wei WuXian
RATING: General.
NOTE: Modern AU; Professor Lan Zhan (30) x Ice-Cream Man Wei Ying (22).
A/N: Daily update until the end of the story. Around one week of continuous updates.

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It makes no sense for a handsome, intelligent man like Wei WuXian to be selling ice-cream in front of the university, under horrible weathers. It piques Lan WangJi’s curiosity.


Lan WangJi rushed to the room beside his and was about to push himself in when he realized that he was being uncivil about the whole situation. Sure, this was his house. But still, Wei WuXian was a guest, there’s no way he can barge himself into the other’s room just because he was the master of the house. Taking in a deep breath, he knocked on the door instead.

There were no sounds at first. Then, after a few moments, a faint shuffling sound can be heard from beneath and then, the door was opened.

Wei WuXian was standing at the door, his hair a disheveled mess. He was a bit puzzled when he saw Lan WangJi at first. Everything Lan WangJi wanted to say to him vanished into thin air the moment he saw Wei WuXian’s clearly half-awake state, his heartbeats pounding so ferociously against his chest he forgot what he was supposed to do.

So, for a long time, both of them simply stared at each other, saying nothing.

It was Wei WuXian who broke the rigid silence in between them.

“Professor Lan?” he spoke, voice hoarse. “Sorry, did I wake you up?”

“…Did… something happen?” Lan WangJi spoke at long last.

“Oh, no, it’s just…” Wei WuXian scratched the back of his head, looking very much awkward. “Habit.”


“…I rolled off the bed.”



“W-Well, I’m not used to sleeping in a new environment. So I tend to move around. And before I knew it, I was on the floor, my back still hurts a bit, haha…” he ended with a bitter chuckle.

Lan WangJi didn’t know what he should say now. But he’s definitely relieved. Yet, the problem remained. If Wei WuXian wasn’t comfortable, then it’s not good news. And he, as the master of the house, should probably come up with a solution to keep his guest comfortable. Despite that, Lan WangJi can’t think of any other way to help him. Struggling within himself, he noticed that Wei WuXian was staring at him as well, looking very much like he was asking him why he’s still there.

Lan WangJi wanted to know why himself too.


“But I think if someone keeps me company when I sleep, you know, sleep by my side or something, then I’ll– oh.”

They’d spoken at the same time. Lan WangJi stared, wide-eyed, at him, looking as if he can’t believe what Wei WuXian had just said. Wei WuXian looked like he’d let something slip, so he quickly bit on his lip, wanting to act like he didn’t just say what he said but to no avail.

“Forget what I said, I–”


Both of them spoke at the same time again, and now, both of them stared at each other, awkward.

“I… well…” Wei WuXian hurriedly continued, clearly realizing how the situation will worsen if he didn’t do something. “If you don’t mind, can you accompany me to sleep today then?”

Lan WangJi took a while to respond. Then, he nodded.

There’s no other way, he tried to convince himself.

It was no use. He knew the real reason to why he agreed to it.


The bed in the room was enough to sleep two persons at a time with extra space left. Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian each slept at one side, a gap spread in between them. For a long while, they knew that each other wasn’t asleep. Yet, none of them spoke, pretending that they’re asleep. It’s only what felt like an hour later that Lan WangJi finally heard soft, stable breathing from the other side of the bed, telling him that Wei WuXian must have fallen asleep.

Now, he’d sunk back into a state like before, gazing blankly at the ceiling, thoughts in a rampage, unable to sleep. It’s even worse now that he can literally feel the presence of another man by his side. Before this, they were separated by a wall. Now they were separated by an… intangible space. A distance that he can easily achieve just by, well, stretching a hand.

A soft sigh escaped his lips before he could help it. He closed his eyes, trying to sleep, when he felt movements from beside him. He lay, solid like a statute, throat constricted.

A small hitch of breath almost escaped his lips if he hadn’t controlled it in time.

Wei WuXian had, like he described, rolled on the bed. But instead of rolling off the bed, this time, he was rolling right towards Lan WangJi. Lan WangJi was in utter shock by now. His first instinct was to push him away, or move out of the way but pushing him away will mean waking him up and moving away will mean having Wei WuXian to roll off the bed again.

So without knowing what to do, he could only lay in a rigid form, the heartbeats in his ears threatening to push his heart out of his throat.

Wei WuXian ended up cuddling against him then. He only stopped moving when he had one arm slinging over Lan WangJi’s chest, his face pressed close to his neck. At this distance, Lan WangJi could clearly feel his warm breathing hitting him on his skin, causing goosebumps to form all over his body.

Opening his eyes, Lan WangJi turned around, just enough to catch sight of Wei WuXian’s beautiful long eyelashes in the midst of darkness, alongside his ravishing features. He’d told Lan WangJi that Lan WangJi was a beautiful man, but Lan WangJi thought Wei WuXian was a very beautiful man himself too. Without his messed up hair, and if he was to wear properly, Wei WuXian too could effortlessly charm people and make them fall for him.

Lan WangJi was as so.

But Lan WangJi didn’t need Wei WuXian in neat hair and neat clothes for him to make him fall for him.

As that thought skimmed through his mind, Lan WangJi let loose a quiet breathing, like he was trying to calm his thoughts. His hand came to brush the strands of hair away from Wei WuXian’s forehead, swiping a gentle trace along his sleeping face. He can’t even tell why he liked Wei WuXian. Wei WuXian was young, and clearly, was still finding his way in life. Meanwhile, Lan WangJi’s life seemed to have all set for him since he was born. They’re people from two different worlds. Yet, Wei WuXian’s appearance in his life felt like a speck of vibrancy had been added into his grayscale world, showing him possibilities, steering him towards trying out the impossibles.

He’d never felt such a way towards anyone else before, let alone a man.

Right before he wanted to go back to sleep himself, Wei WuXian moved again. He quickly took his hand off his face, just in case Wei WuXian woke up and caught him in this awkward state. But all Wei WuXian did was nuzzling his face against Lan WangJi’s neck, this time, pressing their skin against each other for real. And then, he muttered something that kept Lan WangJi awake for the rest of the night,

“Lan Zhan…”

A/N: I thought i can end this story with another two parts including this but how wrong I am _(:3/L I give up, I’m not going to speculate how much more is left, just go with the flow~

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