「My Next-Door Neighbour」04

FANDOM: Mo Dao Zu Shi
PAIRING: Lan WangJi / Wei WuXian
RATING: General.
NOTE: Modern AU; High school students Lan WangJi x Wei WuXian; both 15; light-hearted slice-of-life.
A/N: Daily update until the end of the story.



A story of two high school boys learning how to take care of an injured kitten.


The orange-gold stretched far and wide, the sky of orange-red gradients came with the setting sun as they walked down the familiar street towards home. The kitten was placed in the box again, now sleeping soundly, as Wei WuXian carried it in his arms. 

“I’ll have to shower it when I get home later,” Wei WuXian spoke.



“Don’t forget to do your homework,” Lan WangJi reminded.

“Of course! It won’t take long anyway,” Wei WuXian said with a grin.



“And eat,” Lan WangJi spoke again.

“Hahahaha! What are you, Lan Zhan? My mom?” Wei WuXian laughed out loud.

Lan WangJi kept quiet for the rest of their walk home, refusing to say another word. 

They parted at a crossroad. Wei WuXian stayed just opposite of Lan WangJi’s house, their homes a mere ten-minute walk away. They’d been staying here for as long as they remembered, perhaps even before they were born. So it didn’t really come as a surprise when they ended up in the same kindergarten, elementary school, then now, in the same high school. 

“Alright, I’ll say goodbye to you here,” Wei WuXian spun around and grin blazingly at Lan WangJi, his ravishing features shaded with a sheen of warm gradient from the darkening sky. “Just to be sure, I can ask you for help if I need it, right? My parents went on vacation, I’m all alone. I’d definitely need all the help I can get.”

“…What about Jiang Cheng?” Lan WangJi asked instead.

Jiang Cheng was yet another neighbour who stayed close to them. He was also in the same school as both of them, but in a different class as he was one year younger than them. He too, alongside his sister, Jiang YanLi, both grew up with Wei WuXian. Wei WuXian would always drop by their house as well, and every once in a while, Lan WangJi would also catch him hanging around with Jiang Cheng during breaks, sometimes walking home together. Their parents were also friends so by right, if Wei WuXian’s parents weren’t around, then they’d definitely request for Jiang Cheng’s parents to look after their son while they’re away.

And that’s why, it’s all the more appropriate for Wei WuXian to ask for their help at a time like this.

But Wei WuXian waved a hand and shrugged, “If Jiang Cheng knows how to take care of a cat, the sun will rise from the West tomorrow! Besides, they’re already taking care of my food for the week, I don’t want to be troubling them even more. And besides, you promised to take care of it with me, didn’t you? Don’t tell me you’re taking your words back now? Or is it too much of a trouble after all?”

“No,” Lan WangJi said, albeit too quickly.

Wei WuXian beamed.

“Knew you wouldn’t break a promise. Okay then, don’t forget to keep your phone on tonight! I might, might call you. See you tomorrow, Lan Zhan!”

Waving, Wei WuXian throttled away while Lan WangJi stood around and stared until his back disappeared down the street that he turned around and walked his own way back home.


Lan WangJi wouldn’t say that he had the best memory of how they first knew each other. But he remembered how Wei WuXian made him feel.

It was in their kindergarten days, when both of them were still three and still small that he first came to know Wei WuXian. Or more like, when Wei WuXian came to know him. Quite literally.

He was minding his own business eating his own apple during break time when this small boy rolled towards him, and he, being instinctive, grabbed his hand and supported him before the small boy can fall. It all came so suddenly that he couldn’t even tell what had happened.

But his parents told him to always help people in need. So at that point of time, three-year-old Lan WangJi only did what he thought was the right thing to do: grabbing the boy on his hand, pulling him over and letting him tumble into his lap instead of falling on the floor and injured himself.

He really thought he did the right thing.

…until when the boy crawled up and stared astonishingly at him, then at the hand holding onto him.

Startled, Lan WangJi let him go. Why is the boy reacting that way? He had second thoughts. He thought he’d done the wrong thing.

Wei WuXian’s face was pale. He touched his own hand, then one tiny hand came to touch his own stomach, round and full after having eaten the apple the teacher gave them too.

“Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no,” Wei WuXian mumbled.

Lan WangJi didn’t know what to say. He could only stare at Wei WuXian.

“Y-You hold my hand,” Wei WuXian had pointed at his own hand then.

“…En,” Lan WangJi answered.

Wei WuXian gasped, round cheeks pouting after that.

“Y-You have to take responsibility!”

Lan WangJi was in utter shock. Unlike Wei WuXian, he didn’t watch all sorts ー too much ー of soap operas and romance TV series and he certainly never knew what Wei WuXian implied too.

“N-No…” Lan WangJi stuttered. It’s too much for a three-year-old to handle, especially when his opponent was one that’s so outspoken and outgoing.

Wei WuXian stared at his stomach then, stroking it. “Oh no, oh no.”


“I have baby. My stomach is so big, it must be twins!” he said.

Lan WangJi’s eyes widened. He’s genuinely scared now. 

“Never mind! Because you’re good-looking I’ll let you take responsibility then!” Wei WuXian had shouted at him then.

And then, before Lan WangJi can make sense of what’s happening, Wei WuXian’s tiny hands were on his face as he felt a soft sensation on his lips.

That was how Lan WangJi lost his first kiss.


After he’s done with the shower, Lan WangJi settled himself on the desk in his room, ready to spend the rest of his night with homework. His phone laid by his hand, the screen dimmed. He gave it a glance before he shifted his gaze towards the window, just right beside his desk. 

As night fell the blue haze of the day lifted to reveal the stars. The moon hung full and hazy beneath an eclipse of blazing stars, allowing him to see the rooftops of the identically bleak building surrounding his own. He sighed softly and returned to his homework.

It’s 8PM now. 

What would Wei WuXian be doing? He said he’d be bathing the cat. But does he know how? And what is he going to do after? Will he be feeding the cat? But he didn’t buy any cat food on their way back earlier. Or is he going to feed it with food from his own home? But did he look up what kind of food can a kitten eat? Oh, there’s also the bandage. It needs to be changed. He’d given him the rest of the bandage earlier so he can tend to the kitten by himself but are they enough? …He should’ve asked for more.

His mind wandered, his surrounding was extremely quiet with nothing but the sound of the ticking clock resonating around the room. His parents weren’t around too; they had a company dinner to attend to. His brother was overseas, working on an international project. His uncle was still in school, finishing up the rest of his work. 

He’s alone in the house. 

And all of a sudden, it felt too quiet for his liking.

Sighing, he found himself staring at the book for a whole fifteen minutes, his homework left undone. A hint of frustration rushed all over him, causing him to frown. Shaking his head lightly, he tried to focus on the work in his hand again, when he saw a shadow floating outside his window from the corner of his eyes, urging him to turn his head sharply around.

A silhouette was right outside his window, one that he recognized as a person.

His heart raced. Standing up, he paced warily towards the window and only did he come close that he saw what, or rather, who the person was. 

“Lan Zhan! Open up! Hurry!”

Lan WangJi’s mouth opened a tad, astonished. 

Wei WuXian didn’t call him as what he’d told him he would.

He’d come all by himself, through Lan WangJi’s window.


4 thoughts on “「My Next-Door Neighbour」04

  1. lamington13 September 24, 2019 / 2:03 pm

    “take responsibility” ffsgczhev LOL omg cute hahah oh wei ying you’re so precious 😂

    Awww haha lan zhan was so close to heading to his house but wei ying ran over first 😊

    Thanks for writing! 💖


    • shinocchi September 25, 2019 / 11:20 am

      Baby Wei Ying is so adorable he snatches his man since he’s three years old, hahahaha! YES, he’s really just thinking if he should go over but it’s okay, Wei Ying comes later anyway, heh.

      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading 😀


  2. silkay November 6, 2019 / 12:51 am

    Baby wangxian 😭❤ they’re so cute, baby wei ying is so troublesome 🤭


    • shinocchi November 7, 2019 / 11:53 am

      Thank you!! Baby Wei Ying is so so adorable but he’s also very playful, haha!


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