「My Next-Door Neighbour」05

FANDOM: Mo Dao Zu Shi
PAIRING: Lan WangJi / Wei WuXian
RATING: General.
NOTE: Modern AU; High school students Lan WangJi x Wei WuXian; both 15; light-hearted slice-of-life.
A/N: Daily update until the end of the story.

PREVIOUS CHAPTER: [1] [2] [3] [4]


A story of two high school boys learning how to take care of an injured kitten.


Swiftly, Lan WangJi pulled the window glass up and grasped Wei WuXian on his hand, yanking him into the room with one smooth tug. Wei WuXian toppled onto the floor and rolled a few times. The moment he stopped, he quickly sat cross-legged and looked at his body.

Lan WangJi’s words of reprimands were dangling at the tip of his tongue when he saw Wei WuXian staring concernedly at his own body. He thought he’d hurt him with that wrench. Dismayed, he rushed towards him.

“Wei Ying, what’s the matter? Are you injured?” he asked.

“Phew! Luckily it’s not injured,” Wei WuXian said instead.

It’s only when he’d come to a close distance with Wei WuXian that he realized what Wei WuXian was actually staring at.

It’s the kitten, curled up in his shirt in a round ball, staring up at Lan WangJi with eyes so twinkling and filled with so much curiosity that it made Lan WangJi feel bad for being so aggressive in the first place.


“Why do you have to climb the roof and knock on the window?” Lan WangJi gritted, the words of reprimands from before now finding a chance to flee.

“Huh? I don’t want to bother your family. It’s 9PM already, right? Don’t you guys sleep at 8PM or something?” Wei WuXian debated, his expression one of innocent.

“No one is in the house now,” Lan WangJi said.

“Oh, is that so?” Wei WuXian blurted. He scratched the back of his head, awkward. “I didn’t know.”

“Next time, come in from the door,” Lan WangJi said.

“Aih, Lan Zhan, don’t be so nitpicky. It’s not like it’s very hard to climb to your room anyway!” Wei WuXian said.

“This is the second floor,” Lan WangJi angered.

“It’s not a very tall building!”

“Wei Ying!”

“Ahh, okay, okay! I’ll listen to you. Next time I’ll knock on the door, greet whoever comes to open the door, and then ask for you, like any normal person would, okay?” Wei WuXian surrendered.

“I…” Lan WangJi stuttered all of a sudden, the sudden change of mood taking Wei WuXian aback.

“Hm? You were saying something?” Wei WuXian asked.

Lan WangJi looked away, “I’m not saying that you’re not a normal person.”

“Oh.” Wei WuXian sat, pondered for a while before he grinned again. “I don’t mean it that way. I know you’re worried that I might fall and injure myself. And you’re right, anyway. I almost slippedー oops.”

Lan WangJi was glaring at him now. Noting that he might be in deep trouble if he didn’t think of a way out for himself now, Wei WuXian hastily carried the cat out of his shirt and lifted it up.

“Anyway, look at it! I bathed it! It’s now all clean and fluffy and soft! Come and touch it, Lan Zhan!”

Lan WangJi gave him another look and heaved a profound sigh. Doing as he was told, he came to sit down by Wei WuXian’s side and caressed the kitten’s fur. The kitten purred contentedly against Lan WangJi’s meek touch, thoroughly indulging in the tender affection. The light in Lan WangJi’s eyes turned a shade of lighter gleam. While he fondled with the cat, Wei WuXian’s eyes were on him, smiling affectionately, taking delight in the way Lan WangJi had found a liking in the cat despite how unreceptive he was when Wei WuXian first showed it to him.

“Have you fed it?” Lan WangJi asked in the midst of their comfortable silence.

“Huh?” Wei WuXian staggered, distracted by the sight of Lan WangJi playing with a kitten. “Ah, right. Look at me, I’m so young but my memories have already become so bad. I totally forgot why I’m here in the first place!”


“I wanted to ask you if you know what kind of food to feed a kitten? I’ve searched through the fridge but all that I have are spicy food. I don’t think a kitten can take them…”

“No,” Lan WangJi responded, albeit too quickly.

Wei WuXian chuckled out loud, “Hahaha! Of course I can’t compare a kitten with you. You always eat light-flavoured food but you can actually take spicy food. To be honest, I was really surprised when I saw you being able to eat the food I brought for you even though they’re so spicy. Lan Zhan, you’re really something!”


“Anyway, I’ve looked up on the net and they said we can feed it with either canned food or scrambled eggs? Ugh, I don’t like the idea of canned food, so maybe we can make scrambled eggs for it?”

“En,” Lan WangJi said.

“Do you know how to make scrambled eggs?” Wei WuXian asked.

Lan WangJi’s fingers halted amidst his petting, his gaze lowered. Wei WuXian stifled a laugh upon seeing his reaction. 

“It’s okay, it’s okay! We can learn together!” he said, slinging an arm around Lan WangJi’s shoulders.

“…Do you know how?” Lan WangJi asked instead.

“Of course not. I only know how to eat,” Wei WuXian said. At the end of his words, he lifted an eyebrow and smirked at Lan WangJi. “If that makes you feel better.”

Lan WangJi ignored him. 

“Do you have eggs in your house though? Oh, do you know how to use the stove?”




“I-I guess we can learn another time? When there are adults around? I don’t want to be burning your house down either. Or do you want to do it in my house instead…?” Wei WuXian asked carefully.

“Next time,” Lan WangJi said after a while.

“Hahaha! Okay, okay! Next time it is!” Wei WuXian laughed. He looked at the time on his phone and said. “If we rush to the pet shop down the street now, we can still make it in time before it closes.”

Lan WangJi stood in the next moment, hands holding carefully on the kitten.

“Let’s go then.”


Lan WangJi had never stepped out of his house at this hour. By now, he should be staying in his room, finishing up his homework, then go to sleep. But instead, he’s walking on the dark road with Wei WuXian by his side, a kitten held in his hands.

“It’s so obedient when you hold him. Do you know? It kept running away from me when I was bathing him earlier,” Wei WuXian griped, looking at the kitten.

“It’s a bit afraid,” Lan WangJi said.

Wei WuXian’s eyes widened. “How can you tell? Can you speak cat language or something?”


Wei WuXian didn’t press on. He always thought Lan WangJi was like a cat himself, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if he can really understand a cat’s language by default.

“Have you given it a name?” Lan WangJi asked all of a sudden.

“Have not. I want to ask you about it,” Wei WuXian said, hands crossed behind his head.

“Why?” Lan WangJi asked.

“Aren’t we fathers to this child? Can’t be deciding things on my own if it’s a shared responsibility between us,” Wei WuXian nudged Lan WangJi on his arm.

“…You decide,” Lan WangJi said.

“Why me?”

“It’s fine,” Lan WangJi said.

Wei WuXian scrutinized him for a few seconds before he said again, “Okay then, if you’re fine with it. But! I have to put this down first: you cannot regret even if you don’t like the name I give it, alright?”

“En,” Lan WangJi agreed.

“Let’s see then…” Wei WuXian pondered, hand holding onto his chin. “How about, Fluffball?”

“…Why…” Lan WangJi trailed.

“It’s easy to remember and easy to call, don’t you think? Right, you little Fluffball?” Wei WuXian said as he tapped the kitten on its nose, earning a soft purr. Wei WuXian’s grin widened.

“It likes it!”

Lan WangJi, “…”


It’s not that Wei Ying is bad at naming, it’s just that he’s more casual about it depending on the significance of the matter. He’s the same person who named his flute ‘Chenqing’ and his nephew ‘Rulan’, after all :p

6 thoughts on “「My Next-Door Neighbour」05

  1. lamington13 September 24, 2019 / 2:25 pm

    Dsgfsgs omg wei ying no, climbing to the second floor window with a kitten is a terrible idea 😂

    Ahhh I love how wei ying just stops to quietly watch lan zhan pet the cat 💖 gotta stop to silently appreciate that incredible image 😊 And awww fluffball!! So cute!!!

    Thanks for writing! 💖


    • shinocchi September 25, 2019 / 11:21 am

      Sobs, yes. He cannot help it like, he complains the cat favours Lan Zhan over him but to be honest, he’s just taking delight in everything, haha! Such a precious _(:3/L

      Thanks for reading too! 😀


  2. Bażant September 24, 2019 / 3:30 pm

    I really like it. It’s so light and funny, i!need!more!


    • shinocchi September 25, 2019 / 11:21 am

      Thank you!! I update a bit daily, I hope it makes your day brighter! 😀


  3. silkay November 6, 2019 / 12:58 am

    My Next Door Neighbor is so soft 😭❤ I’m a puddle of mush !

    “I only know how to eat” 😂 classic WWX


    • shinocchi November 7, 2019 / 11:54 am

      CRIES, I wrote this story for the fluff so it’s really nice to know someone enjoys it, thank you for telling me!!

      Hahahahahaha! Don’t ever change, Wei Ying :p


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