「My Next-Door Neighbour」18

FANDOM: Mo Dao Zu Shi
PAIRING: Lan WangJi / Wei WuXian
RATING: General.
NOTE: Modern AU; High school students Lan WangJi x Wei WuXian; both 15; light-hearted slice-of-life.
A/N: Daily update until the end of the story.

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A story of two high school boys learning how to take care of an injured kitten.


Lan WangJi headed out of the bathroom first, as if he’d noticed that Wei WuXian needed time for himself to soothe his rampaging thoughts. The moment the door closed, Wei WuXian took in a deep breath and released it. With one hand holding against the wall, he closed his eyes and tried as hard as he could to calm himself down.

Wait, so. Basically, what happened earlier was… they almost — almost — lost control if Lan WangJi didn’t come back to himself soon enough. He’d watched enough of romance drama to know where this would be leading to. They’d kissed. What’s next? Lan WangJi mentioned bed so, cuddling… on the bed…?

Wei WuXian shook his head violently, water droplets splashing all over the place as he screamed internally.

He’s not dumb, of course he knew what Lan WangJi could’ve implied. But to be honest, he’d never thought much about how doing it with a man felt like, let alone doing it with Lan WangJi and he had absolutely no idea what to expect at all. What’s after kissing?

Would Lan WangJi know?

He wanted to knock his head hard on the wall.

What was he thinking about?

Of course Lan WangJi won’t know. Lan WangJi won’t ever think about things like this, let alone knowing what to do. How dare he thought of Lan WangJi that way?

He took in a deep breath again, eyes closed. 

That’s fine, right? Regardless if they knew how to or not, it didn’t matter anyway. What mattered was that he’s gonna spoon Lan WangJi and draw out more reactions from him, crushing that stoic mien of his and exposing more of what he’d only show Wei WuXian.

Lan WangJi was his after all.


He felt as if his heart was about to jump out of his throat when he finally opened the door and walked out of the bathroom. Lan WangJi was sitting on the bed, stroking the kitten’s soft fur when he heard the sound of the door closing. He sat, unmoved, as Wei WuXian edged towards the bed, weight falling on the mattress, then coming close to him. The pleasant scent of fresh shower soap wrapped them in a bubble, heat emanated between them as their distance was pulled closer.

“Lan Zhan.”

Wei WuXian’s voice was small yet pleasant to the ears when he called out to Lan WangJi. Wei WuXian’s voice was always nice; he had the kind of charming voice that would effortlessly draw him attention and the tone in his voice always resonated of warmth and friendliness, making it hard for anyone to not being attracted to him. Yet, this very voice now held another hint of concealed huskiness that sounded like a tone resulted from his need to suppress something from within.

And it was doing things to Lan WangJi. 

His own head was burning and he had yet to think of a way to reply to Wei WuXian when he felt Wei WuXian’s chin propping on his shoulder, just like how he did in the bathroom. His voice was closer when he spoke again, the note in it equally hoarse, equally heated, equally enticing.

“Is it fun?” he said in a heated whisper.

Lan WangJi’s breathing grew a tad heavier as he shifted his face a bit, just enough to catch Wei WuXian’s bright, twinkling pair of eyes. He’s staring so fervently at Lan WangJi as if he’s about to swallow him whole.

Losing a breath, Lan WangJi blurted, “W-What?”

Wei WuXian nodded his eyes towards the kitten, “Fun?”

Lan WangJi didn’t answer. He budged his eyes away from Wei WuXian and returned his attention to the kitten in his hands. Seeing that response, Wei WuXian pouted and wrapped his entire hands over to grab the kitten out of the way, then grasping Lan WangJi on his shoulders and pushed him down onto the bed.

“Don’t play the cat. Play me!”

Lan WangJi’s eyes brightened as he stared unblinkingly at the man hovering above him.

Wei WuXian felt like punching himself in the face.


“I… I mean,” Wei WuXian attempted to rectify. But then, the longer he stared at Lan WangJi the more he felt like there’s no need to correct it. Lan WangJi is his boyfriend, Lan WangJi said it himself. So what’s wrong with asking his boyfriend to do things to him?

“I mean,” he repeated, sounding firmer than before. “Play me. Do whatever you want to me.”

Lan WangJi wasn’t responding and that wasn’t helping Wei WuXian in the slightest. Clenching his teeth, he seized harder on Lan WangJi’s shoulder and slipped a hand down south, to where he could feel a bulge poking him on his butt since they got into this position.

“Don’t tell me you don’t want me to do this to you too?”

In the next second, his world spun and the next thing he knew, their positions had been reversed. Lan WangJi was towering over him now and he was staring so penetratingly into his eyes that it made Wei WuXian feel as if he’s about to swallow him whole. He gulped down his throat, suddenly regretting provoking him so much.

“L-Lan Zhan, we— we are cultured people, aren’t we? Don’t get fired up, calm down…”

He can’t read the expression on Lan WangJi’s face and the more time passes the more he felt like his life was in greater danger.

“Play you?” Lan WangJi said all of a sudden; the magnetic note in his tone had Wei WuXian’s waist weaken as he suddenly saw stars in his eyes.

Gathering the last of his dignity left, Wei WuXian said, “Yeah. I meant what I said.”

A thin frown appeared in between Lan WangJi’s eyebrows. Then, he said,




“…ah?” Wei WuXian blurted.

Right, Lan WangJi didn’t know. How was it possible for Lan WangJi to know how to play with his body? He’s troubling him. Nope, this can’t do. He had to teach him then.

With a soft cough, Wei WuXian said, “Well, as a start, you can kiss me first. Then, erm, touch me maybe?”

Lan WangJi did as he was told. He bent down, brushed lips on Wei WuXian’s cheek and planted a tender kiss on his warm skin. That gesture was so light and so careful it only had Wei WuXian wanting more. He waited. But another kiss didn’t come. Instead, when he opened his eyes, Lan WangJi was staring at him again, the light in his eyes as unreadable as always.

“Done,” he said.


“Erm, Lan Zhan, you can— you can do whatever you like, you know? You don’t have to ask me,” Wei WuXian attempted to convince.

Lan WangJi stared, looking like he’s pondering before he kissed Wei WuXian on the forehead.

“Like this?” he asked.

Wei WuXian nodded mindlessly, still waiting, but what he’d been waiting still didn’t come.

“What else?” Lan WangJi asked.

Is he for real? Wei WuXian hollered internally. Where’s the aggressive Lan WangJi from before? The one in the bathroom? What’s this? Does changing a location change someone’s sex drive or what? Or, is that it? Is Lan WangJi feeling bad for what he did just now just because… just because Wei WuXian said he’s being violent with him?

That must be it, Wei WuXian convinced himself. Attempting to give Lan WangJi a push, he cupped Lan WangJi’s face and said with a smile,

“Do whatever you want, however you want. No matter what you do, I love it.”

Again, Lan WangJi simply stared at him. 

“However I want?” Lan WangJi repeated.

“Yup,” Wei WuXian confirmed, knees bending a bit, legs spreading further. His hands were holding onto Lan WangJi’s wrists and they were trembling. Not much, but enough for Lan WangJi to notice. Lan WangJi’s gaze fell on his hands before he returned his eyes onto Wei WuXian. Wei WuXian was momentarily distracted, mentally preparing himself for what’s to come but the moment he felt Lan WangJi’s attention on him, he hastily pulled a grin at him again, pretending as if he’s all okay.

He really thought he’s gonna get his well-deserved kiss on the lips alongside all the grinding and biting and sucking like how he enjoyed earlier in the bathroom but what Lan WangJi did in the next second totally caught him off guard.

Lan WangJi got off his body and laid by his side. He pulled the blanket up, covering both of them, and then went over to pull Wei WuXian into an embrace. Wei WuXian can feel his rampaging heartbeats, he can feel how warm his skin was too. But he wasn’t doing anything else but hugging Wei WuXian, breathing in his nice scent, thoroughly revelling in the gentle skin-against-skin contact.

“Lan Zhan?” he called out carefully.

“Sleep,” was all Lan WangJi said.



“…You… don’t intend to do anything else?” Wei WuXian tested.

Lan WangJi opened his eyes, his light-coloured orbs beautiful, gleaming weakly under the moonlight pouring into his room as he asked,

“Can I not hug you?”

Wei WuXian’s heart melted into a puddle. Lan WangJi said it in such a tender way mixed with mellow pleading that it was doing more things to his heart than whatever he was expecting Lan WangJi would do. 

Hurriedly returning the hug, he buried Lan WangJi’s head against his neck as he said,

“Of course you can. I told you, right? You can do whatever you want to me and I’ll still like it. Hug me. Hug me tighter. Don’t let go.”

“…En.” He heard Lan WangJi’s voice vibrating against his skin.

Well, he might’ve been thinking too much. Lan WangJi can be persistent, aggressive, and unforgiving when he was in the heat of the moment, that’s true. And Wei WuXian had experienced that firsthand too. But above all, Lan WangJi was also considerate especially when it came to him. Lan WangJi would never want to hurt him, especially not when they just confessed and they’re still inexperienced.

From how he dried him up after the fervour so that he won’t catch a cold to now when all he wanted to do was to warm him up with his body temperature, Wei WuXian eventually figured out that Lan WangJi was taking things step by step, until when they’re ready.

It’s precisely because Lan WangJi was his boyfriend that he cared for him. Just like how Wei WuXian was.

He’s the impatient one.

But that’s fine — because Lan WangJi reminded him that they had time. And when they’re ready, Lan WangJi won’t hesitate nor would he hold himself back either.

For now — this kind of distance was fine. Simply being in each other’s embrace like this, simply feeling each other’s warmth and heartbeats were already one huge yet significant step taken between them to get closer with each other, both physically and emotionally.


What if I say this is the last chapter? |ω・)

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  1. Tikachan October 15, 2019 / 7:20 pm

    ASDFGH Shino why??
    Then write a time-skip extra chapter!! ~^o^~ m(_ _)m


    • shinocchi October 16, 2019 / 11:03 am

      bfjbsjd I’m very interested to read what happens when they grow as couple too, hehe.


  2. dutrima October 15, 2019 / 7:37 pm

    Thanks Shino, Please don’t tell us this is the last chapter… Can you wrtie something when they are older,closer,,, maybe their wedding…

    Thank you for this story… I want more…I am addict to your stories,,,,(poor me) ;):….


    • shinocchi October 16, 2019 / 11:04 am

      ahh… there’ll definitely be something and I hope it’ll be enjoyable too when I get to it! :’D


  3. dutrima October 15, 2019 / 7:47 pm

    sorry I mean: write..Lan Zhan is so careful , tender and in love with Wei Ying. He knows Wei Yin better than himself and will nerver hurt him. Wei YIng is so passionate, hot blood and this is what Lan Zhan need to express his own passion , love for him.


    • shinocchi October 16, 2019 / 11:05 am

      shfkjsdf it’s okay, no worries, haha! They always have a way with each other, which is so precious on its own, sobs.


  4. Nachi October 15, 2019 / 8:00 pm

    LAST CHAPTER ???????!!!!!!!

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  5. Anonymous October 15, 2019 / 8:11 pm

    Nooooo…. Say it isn’t the last chapter. Pretty pls 🙏
    Don’t leave us hanging!!
    Thank you for your hard work. I love your stories.


    • shinocchi October 16, 2019 / 11:06 am

      omg I’m so surprised people like this story, ahhh, I definitely have something cooking, I hope it’ll be enjoyable too when I get to it _(:3

      You’re welcome, thank you so much for reading and for telling me this 😭


  6. Maria October 15, 2019 / 8:13 pm

    La-last chapter? SHINO (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) Don’t stop feeding us with teen wangxian!!!

    On another note, this was perfect?? I loved how you did the plot twist and how amazingly fitting it was for Lan Wangji’s personality. And this shows exactly how teens are! And just…. that soft moment at the end!!! So good, beautiful aaaaa Shino I love this story!!! ˚‧*♡ॢ˃̶̤̀◡˂̶̤́♡ॢ*‧˚


    • shinocchi October 16, 2019 / 11:07 am

      SDFKJHDFJ _(:3

      Ahahaha, I was a bit ;;;; when it seems like a lot of people are expecting something to happen but to be honest, I don’t know what will happen myself until when I wrote it so they actually did everything themselves, haha! So glad you think it’s decent 😀

      And thank you, omg, you’re so supportive, it’s so nice of you ;v;

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    ASIDJHDJDL WEI YING PLS CALM DOWN. OMG LAN ZHAN VERY SOFT, I’M CRYING 😭 i want have husband like Lan Zhan too :”

    thank you for writing this beautiful fluff to the end! But I will still cry heartbroken for losing WangXian’s teenage love (இдஇ; ) this fic really made my day. Thankyou shino for stan WangXian!


    • shinocchi October 16, 2019 / 11:08 am


      Thank you so much, and you’re welcome! I definitely have something so I hope it’ll be enjoyable too when I get to it…! :’D


  8. Kiral-chan October 15, 2019 / 10:01 pm

    Hahaha this boy so impatient. Was great Shino, thanks for the sweet teen WangXian (。・ω・。)ノ♡♡♡


    • shinocchi October 16, 2019 / 11:09 am

      You’re welcome! Thank you so much for reading 😀


  9. Rani Pratiwi October 15, 2019 / 11:55 pm

    No, i dont want this chapter to be the last. At least give us the everyday scene, please, hihihihi


  10. Anonymous October 16, 2019 / 1:03 am

    cutee!!! this chapter and ending is satisfying, but i hope you would write more!!!


    • shinocchi October 16, 2019 / 11:09 am

      Thank you! I definitely have something in the pipeline, I hope it’ll be enjoyable too :’D


  11. lamington13 October 16, 2019 / 3:54 pm

    Fsgsfs wei ying don’t get jealous of your child 😂 lol poor cat third wheeling yet again

    AWWWWW SO SWEET!!! ALL HE WANTED TO DO WAS HUG HIM AND SLEEP FSGFSCE HOW ADORABLE 😊 Yes they have all the time in the world to explore each other more and spend time together. No need to rush into things and carelessly get hurt 💖💖

    Ahhh that was such a cute ending!! I’d definitely love to see more if you’re still interested in writing for this but if you just wanna end it here, that’s fine too! Thanks for writing this lovely fic! 💖


    • shinocchi October 27, 2019 / 10:15 am

      The cat probably doesn’t even want to be there. “Why am I here again!!”

      Haha, too early for more erotic things, coughs. They’re so young, omg, they have so many more decades to be with each other _(:3

      I… definitely have something planned for this 🙈 I hope it’ll be enjoyable too! Thank you so much for reading and leaving so many comments for me, always appreciate them!


  12. Anonymous October 23, 2019 / 1:19 pm

    OH MY GOOOOOOD!!!! SHINO this is beautiful, such a sweet closure for this story.

    Lan Zhan so sweet with his playful bunny! He JUST WANTS TO HUG HIM!!!!! SO PURE OUR HANGUANG-JUN!!! 💗💗Wei Ying too, so cute trying to do more steamy things with his precious jade but also nervous about it. And at the end he also loved that innocent intimacy at the end!! They are so perfect and pure.

    Such a wonderful AU you’ve just created, I love it so so much! 💖 I hope you continue with teenage Wangxian adventures till we see them grow into perfect lovey-dovey husbands!!! 😍😍


    Your such an amazing writer, you really give life to the character so perfectly. I love to read all the stories you create💕💕💕

    Finally I’ll be praying for a sequel in the moment inspiration comes to you to keep going with these babes!!!



    • shinocchi October 24, 2019 / 10:48 pm

      Thank you 🥰 they always give me surprises, it was really fun writing about them, so glad you enjoyed it too!!

      Haha, I definitely have things planned for this AU so, look out, maybe…? If you’re interested _(:3

      Thank you again, omg, that’s such a nice thing to say 🙈 you’re so nice!


      • Harley Q. October 27, 2019 / 2:40 pm

        Oh I’ll definitely be waiting for any update and plan you have for this AU!!

        Meanwhile I’ll read all your other stories!!!

        Love and good vibes to you Shino!! 💓💓💓☺️☺️


      • shinocchi October 30, 2019 / 7:30 am

        Thank you!! You’re so kind to me! 🥰


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