「Do You Want Ice-Cream?」Extra: What’s Your Favourite Dessert?

FANDOM: Mo Dao Zu Shi
PAIRING: Lan WangJi / Wei WuXian
RATING: General.
NOTE: Modern AU; Professor Lan Zhan (30) x Ice-Cream Man Wei Ying (22).

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It makes no sense for a handsome, intelligent man like Wei WuXian to be selling ice-cream in front of the university, under horrible weathers. It piques Lan WangJi’s curiosity.

His muscles hurt so much he didn’t want to lift a finger. Every inch of his skin was lustered in a sheer layer of sweat as he breathed ponderously, taking his time to come down from his high. The orgasm was one of the best climaxes he’d experienced in a while. It reminded him of the first time his body was thrust opened by the very man who was hovering over him just a second ago and was now applying weight on his body, chest against back, enough for Wei WuXian to feel the pressure but not enough to wedge the air out of him. The sex was wild and strenuous and unforbearing and everything that didn’t befit the pristine man’s impression. Wei WuXian was taken aback by the contrast when they first rolled into bed, but above all, he’s thrilled. Excited. Allured. Aroused. And then, eventually, addicted. He loved sex with Lan WangJi, and he loved their afterglow too. Just like this, body pressing against body. Utterly naked, heated, contented. If he wasn’t pressed on the bed, unable to move, he would definitely want to touch Lan WangJi’s sturdy muscles with his very own hands, feeling the vigorous male energy on his own hands.

But, oh well, this felt good too. Can’t say he didn’t like being pressed under Lan WangJi like this; it always gave him a sense of security, like he’d definitely be able to survive even the apocalypse with Lan WangJi by his side. And it definitely reminded him of how Lan WangJi made him feel too when he first met him in the university.

Lan WangJi traced his lips against the back of his neck in the midst of his comfort, all the way down to his spine. He shivered a bit. The tanned caramel-brown colour of his skin glistened in an erogenous shade under the low-beam light in the room. He snickered when he felt a soft pair of lips on the back of his neck again.

“Is my body sweet?” he spoke through raspy voice, shattering the intimate silence between them.

Like Lan WangJi had suggested, Wei WuXian had moved in to stay with him just two months after they ended up together. But, to avoid gratuitous rumours and discussions amongst students and tutors, they’d decided to head to work separately despite both of them working in the same location.

Wei WuXian was still selling ice-cream outside the university, exposed under sun and rain, while Lan WangJi worked as the Associate Professor in the university, shielded from the sun and rain.

Lan WangJi would often leave the car first after he’d parked it on a designated spot near the university. Wei WuXian would leave half an hour later. A few times during the day, he would always catch Lan WangJi staring at him through the window during his break time, and he’d never fail to break a grin at his direction, sometimes accompanied by a wink. When it’s time for them to go back, Lan WangJi will always wait for Wei WuXian to serve his last customer before he went over to pick him up so that they could return together, usually in the late evening.

Eventually, they’d gotten used to the routine. It’s pretty blood-tingling being in a secret relationship like this. It gave them a sense of thrill that was often unleashed in bed.

Lan WangJi took in a mouthful of Wei WuXian’s skin and sucked hard on it, answering his question from before. Wei WuXian gasped, one that soon turned into a moan. A bruised red mark was planted on his neck as he glanced at Lan WangJi over his shoulder.

“Professor Lan, do you really liked sucking so much? Or am I sweet for real? Guess I did the right way chasing after you with ice-creams then.”

Lan WangJi brushed his lips against Wei WuXian’s neck where he’d given him a hickey before he said,

“I like you.”

Wei WuXian’s heart skipped a beat. For real, if Lan WangJi wasn’t pressing down on him, he’d definitely kiss him a few more times on his face. Their skin tones were a courtly contrast — one tanned, one fair — even more so when they were laying together in such an intimate way, thoroughly savouring their afterglow.

The atmosphere in the room was so soothing that Wei WuXian was almost falling asleep when Lan WangJi spoke again.

“Do you have any plans for the future?”

Wei WuXian combated his sleepiness just to toss a smirk at Lan WangJi’s direction.

“What’s this? We’re only together for a year and you’re already planning to take things further? How impatient, Professor Lan. But I love that part of you too. Come at me, you already know my answer anyway.”

He could visibly see how Lan WangJi’s earlobes turned red and he was all ready to tease him more when the next thing Lan WangJi said wiped that very intention off his mind.

“I mean, your career path.”

Wei WuXian buried his face into the pillow. He sounded like he’d guffawed a little but his voice was muffled in the pillow that Lan WangJi can barely hear it. His reaction surprised Lan WangJi though.

“To he honest, I haven’t thought about it,” Wei WuXian admitted. He shrugged then let loose a sigh. “One step at a time. Live one day at a time! I’m still young anyway, right? What’s the rush?”

He turned around, staring at Lan WangJi in the face as he smiled at him with his arms slung around his neck.

“Maybe I’ll find a job. Let’s see… How does a full-time stay-in husband for the very capable Professor Lan sound like?”

Lan WangJi shook his head a little before he embraced the entirety of Wei WuXian’s body into his arms.

“You have an outstanding certificate, brilliant achievements, and an impressive portfolio. You shouldn’t let them go to waste,” Lan WangJi spilled the truth.

“I know,” Wei WuXian said. “Oh right, I’ve never told you this before, haven’t I? When I graduated, I sent out 20 resumes to different companies at the same time; big ones, small ones, prominent ones, unknown ones. All of them,” he paused just to clear his throat. “All of them accepted me. Not to boast but I really do have very good requirements. I’m a good catch, haha!”

“But why…”

“I sold ice-cream to chase after you,” Wei WuXian chuckled, kissing Lan WangJi on the tip of his nose.

“You already got me,” Lan WangJi reminded.

“Of course I do, and that very person is still buried in me, having taken me over and over again. How fortunate a man I am to have the person I love returning my feelings!”

“Wei Ying,” Lan WangJi said.

Wei WuXian pressed a finger against Lan WangJi’s lips and shook his head. “To be honest, I found enjoyment in selling ice-cream after having done it for so long. So I guess it’s nothing to do with it being a ‘how to chase after the man of my dreams’ option but it’s more of an actual career option now .” His finger trailed a line down to Lan WangJi’s chin as he pinched on it. “You see all walks of life when you sell ice-cream. You get to listen to their everyday stories, you get to understand people with different lives. I find that really interesting.”

Lan WangJi fell silent for a bit and by the look on his face, Wei WuXian knew that he’s considering his next words. As expected, they came soon enough.

“You can do more,” Lan WangJi said.

“Does Professor Lan have any advice for this lost student then?” Wei WuXian was opened to suggestions.

“Expand the business. Build your own brand. You are talented,” Lan WangJi said.

Wei WuXian’s eyes widened. Then, he broke out laughing,

“Hahahaha! Lan Zhan, oh, Lan Zhan. Don’t you know how poor I am? Besides, do you really believe a person like me can manage my own business?”

“Yes,” Lan WangJi said with no hesitation whatsoever.

Wei WuXian said nothing after that. Lan WangJi saw the light in his eyes waver before he leaned in to engulf him in a deep, passionate kiss.

Wei WuXian was sweet; and it had nothing to do with Lan WangJi liking sweet food, it’s because it’s Wei WuXian that was the reason why he can come to like certain foods of a certain taste.


Lan WangJi wouldn’t say that he’s particularly fond towards ice-cream. It’s just another food for him; he didn’t like it, nor did he dislike it. But since Wei WuXian courted him with ice-cream, what was supposed to be a type of simple food became something completely different since then. It’s no longer just a food. It’s also a food that reminded Lan WangJi of Wei WuXian. It held a different meaning now.

But still, Lan WangJi wouldn’t say that he’d taken a liking towards ice-creams, per se.

He had only taken a liking towards the ice-cream Wei WuXian made for him.

And he noticed that, ever since he brought up the suggestion of Wei WuXian ensuing an ice-cream brand of his own, he’d been bloated with ice-cream every single day, where Wei WuXian will serve ice-cream of various flavours after dinner, all of those flavours new and never before seen in the market.

“How is it?” Wei WuXian asked eagerly after dinner one day as Lan WangJi stared sceptically at the silky ice-cream served in a polished cup, topped with what looked like a few olives on it.

“I’ve tried out this new ice-cream recipe with a good dose of extra-virgin olive oil. The base is custard, I didn’t put it too much sugar too this time, you didn’t like the roasted strawberry one yesterday, right?”

Speaking of the ice-cream yesterday… It was indeed too sweet for Lan WangJi’s preference and it took him a good long while to finish eating and then ending up in the toilet for two hours after that.

Wei WuXian’s heart shattered into pieces; he’d been staying up the entire night just to make sure that Lan WangJi was perfectly comfortable and had rushed a few times out of the room to grab warm water for him throughout the night. He’d wanted to snatch the ice-cream out of the way at the first hint of anguish on Lan WangJi’s face but Lan WangJi took the cup away before his hand can clutch it, then gobbling down the rest of the ice-cream before Wei WuXian can say anything else.

The ice-cream today was a lot less sweet than yesterday, that’s for sure. But if Lan WangJi could be totally honest, he’d never tasted such a… unique taste of ice-cream ever in his life.

“What do you think?” Wei WuXian’s eyes were twinkling in elation as he edged closer towards Lan WangJi.

“Minty,” Lan WangJi commented.

“Too much? Wait, are you feeling okay? I’m serious, don’t force yourself if you don’t like it. Throw it away. I don’t mind, it won’t hurt my feelings. I can make something else tomorrow anyway,” Wei WuXian said in a hurry. But Lan WangJi shook his head.

“This is fine,” he said. “Maybe…”

“Maybe?” Wei WuXian grinned brighter.

“No need the olives next time.”



“…oh,” Wei WuXian blurted before he burst out into laughter. “Hahahaha! You don’t like the olive, out of everything! Sure, sure, anything my Professor Lan wants!”

Lan WangJi simply smiled with a shake of his head.

He took another bite, feeling the sweetness spread in his mouth.

The taste wasn’t from the ice-cream. It was always from Wei WuXian.

One thing Lan WangJi realised though, was how Wei WuXian never let anyone else try the new flavours he came out with. Lan WangJi was the only guinea pig (willingly), but Lan WangJi would rather he be the only one.

As usual, he waited for Wei WuXian to finish up his work about three months since Wei WuXian got into developing new ice-cream flavours, when he caught Wei WuXian serving the last customer of the day, on one late evening.

The customer was a mother with her baby daughter; the child looked about two years old and had been ogling at the ice-cream Wei WuXian made, then at Wei WuXian and back at the ice-cream again for a couple of times. Wei WuXian grinned radiantly at the mother first, then at the child before he passed her a chocolate-flavoured ice-cream.

“Say thank you, where’s your manners?” the mother reprimanded the child but Wei WuXian shook his hand and chuckled.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, children are like that,” he said. “QingYang-jie, do you want one too?”

The mother smiled sweetly at Wei WuXian before she answered, “It’s okay. I can share with her. Are you not going back soon?”

“Soon, soon! Waiting for my— ah, here he is.”

Luo QingYang didn’t get to listen to who the enchantingly beautiful man was before Lan WangJi walked towards the ice-cream stall. He nodded at the mother, who returned his gesture.

“I see,” she said. “Does that mean I’m the last customer?”

“Oh, not yet,” Wei WuXian said. He dug his hand into the ice-cream cart and took a vanilla-flavoured ice-cream out of it. “He’s the last customer.”

Lan WangJi took the ice-cream without a word.

“I’ve tried all types of ice-cream on him but seems like his favourite is always the vanilla-flavoured one. I wonder why, hm?”

At the end of his words, Wei WuXian threw a suggestive wink at Lan WangJi’s direction, whose fingers tightened around the ice-cream cone. When Lan WangJi shifted his gaze to Wei WuXian, an instinctive chill ran down Wei WuXian’s spine upon catching the tint in Lan WangJi’s orbs. He let out a few fake coughs and then started to clean his stall up.

“Annnnnd I’m done for the day! Thank you for always dropping by, QingYang-jie.”

“You’re welcome,” Luo QingYang smiled. She patted her daughter on her head and continued. “She might not look like it but she loves your ice-cream. She’s the one who always asks me to bring her here.”

“Is that so?” Wei WuXian beamed at the little girl, just to have the girl hiding behind the mother.

Luo QingYang chuckled, “I’ll see you around.”


Once they’re gone, Wei WuXian turned to his boyfriend and smirked.

“So…” he dragged his words. “Does Professor Lan want to try if the ice-cream is sweeter or if I am sweeter?”

Lan WangJi didn’t need to try the ice-cream to be able to tell. When Wei WuXian laughed at his own joke while bending down to keep all his stuff back into the cart, Lan WangJi had bent down too, leaning in to kiss Wei WuXian on the lips, indulging discreetly in the softness of his lips as he felt warmth scattering right into him, melting the ice-cream in his guts; without anyone catching sight of them.

Their sexual intensity was always like match and a matchbox. Just an easy scratch and it’d explode, leaving them with no time to breathe, no time to even realise what they were doing before their hands were already on each other, touching, feeling, yearning, craving for more and more and more from each other until they melt each other’s flesh and bone and blood into their own bodies.

The moment they reached Lan WangJi’s apartment, Lan WangJi shoved Wei WuXian against the door once it’s closed, lips never separated from Wei WuXian’s own lips as he licked and bit and sucked, exchanging heat, exchanging desire. Wei WuXian pushed against his chest, mumbling a frail “wait, Lan Zhan, I-I’m swea—“ before he got devoured into a furious kiss that snatched the rest of his words alongside all the air out of his lungs. Lan WangJi slipped his hand under his shirt and touched his tantalising muscles lines, spooring the flesh, feeling the smoothness of his skin and the way his muscles constricted whenever Lan WangJi brushed him on his sensitive spots. He licked along his skin, one that was tanned, one that resembled of velvety caramel, and one that was like a living work of art.

Wei WuXian said he’s addicted to sweet food but he begged to differ. Because there’s absolutely nothing else in the world that’s more addictive than Wei WuXian. He loved the sight of sweat glossing on his tanned skin, he loved it when he licked them away, tasting sweet, as if Wei WuXian’s skin was made of caramel for real. And he loved it when Wei WuXian melted in his arms, panting hard, begging, yet telling him to ravage him harder from the inside out all at the same time.

He can’t imagine loving someone else as hard and as much as how he loved Wei WuXian.

Lan WangJi took him in a way that’s way more barbaric than usual. He lost his composure, totally diving into the waves of lust Wei WuXian was luring him in. Wei WuXian was aroused to the tips of his fingers, the rush of lust in his veins went rampage; half of it was of pleasure, another half of pain.

“Lan Zhan… Lan— ah!!”

He was carried over to sit on Lan WangJi’s thighs, riding on him. His neck arched backwards, breaking down. Lan WangJi had thrust the tears out of his eyes, his eyelashes quivered with the riotous motions from his lower body, sweat dangling on his long eyelashes, almost dropping.

The longer Lan WangJi wrecked him, the more he felt like his body was falling apart, as if he could no longer control his own body, that his body was utterly controlled by the man in front of him.

Trembling, he cupped Lan WangJi’s face and kissed the corner of his lips a few times, trying to plead for mercy.

“Lan Zhan, my good Lan Zhan, spare my life this time, don’t—… ah! Don’t… ah!”

But all Lan WangJi did was kissing his tears away, then kissing his eye, his gestures a tremendous contrast with what he’s doing with his lower body.

“Good boy,” his low, magnetic voice rolled right into Wei WuXian’s ear, pulling a vehement tremor out of Wei WuXian as he came all over himself.

Despite them being lovers now, Wei WuXian was, indeed, once a student in the university where Lan WangJi was lecturing. Technically, they’re teacher and student. And technically, they still had an eight-year age gap between them.

And Lan WangJi didn’t seem like he’s ready to let that fact go either.

“Professor, ugh…” Wei WuXian moaned weakly against Lan WangJi’s shoulder, body too powerless to move an inch.

Their sex lasted for a full two hours before Lan WangJi released deep in him with a low-pitched growl. Wei WuXian let his body weight topple on Lan WangJi’s body, reveling in the peak, when he felt Lan WangJi’s slender fingers swiping him on his hair.

“I need to ask you something,” Lan WangJi said, his voice husky, filled with nothing but lust.

Wei WuXian let loose a broken chuckle, “Don’t tell me you intend to propose to me now? Hold on. At least… let me breathe first.”

He felt Lan WangJi’s dick gaining weight in him, drawing another chortle out of him.

“It’s… not about that,” Lan WangJi said with immense difficulty.


Lan WangJi lifted his body up, scrutinising him deep into his dark orbs. Despite the distinct traces of pleasure on their faces, Lan WangJi looked so serious that Wei WuXian can’t help but feel slightly intimidated by the look.

“W-What is it? You’re not breaking up with me, are you? Is this supposed to be a breakup sex?” Wei WuXian asked.

“Of course not,” Lan WangJi said. He stretched a hand towards the bedside table, where he retrieved what looked like a file document.

He handed it over to Wei WuXian, who took it with suspicions written all over his face. He read the content, eyes growing wider with every new line he read, and lastly, raised his head to gape at Lan WangJi.

“This is…”

“Ours,” Lan WangJi confirmed.

“Lan Zhan, you…” Wei WuXian stuttered.

Lan WangJi dipped towards him to kiss him on his damp, tanned skin, coddling him.

“You don’t have to worry about the funding. Since half of the brand is under my name, that means I’ll have to shoulder the finance to keep it operating too. I can help.”


“I have yet to decide on a name. I want to ask you first.”




“…Wei Ying?”

The hint of uneasiness in Lan WangJi’s voice had Wei WuXian snapped his attention back to himself. He clutched Lan WangJi hard on his shoulders, staring gravely into his eyes.

“That aside. Lan Zhan. You… Y-You.” He took in a deep breath, regulating his emotions, and spoke again.

“You registered a company for both of us? And…” He checked the paper in the document again and continued. “Product: Ice-cream.” He threw the document to one side. “Ice-cream.”

Lan WangJi was looking slightly concerned by now. The light in his eyes dimmed a tad before he asked, cautious.

“You… don’t like it?”

“What?” Wei WuXian gaped. “What are you— oh, oh. Of course not! I’m. I’m just,” He shook his head. “I’m just surprised. I mean, Lan Zhan, oh my god.”

He hugged Lan WangJi’s head and kissed him hard on the forehead. “You gave us a baby!”

With his dick still in Wei WuXian, that’s definitely a legit statement.

Lan WangJi’s ears turned flush at that comment. He didn’t know what he could say. So he only nodded.

“But what makes you think that I would want my own brand?” Wei WuXian asked, clearly noticing his struggle.

“You’ve been creating new flavours,” Lan WangJi broke it down.

“En, en.”

“And you’re always happy when you serve customers,” Lan WangJi said.

“Hahahaha!” Wei WuXian laughed. He stroke Lan WangJi on his cheekbones with his thumbs. “To be honest, Lan Zhan, I was thinking about being your personal chef, at least for dessert! It feels like you’ve taken an utmost liking towards vanilla-flavoured ice-cream so I wanted to try and see if I can make something else that can surpass that favourite of yours. You gave me the idea, actually!”

Lan WangJi raised an eyebrow.

“You asked, if I’ve ever thought of creating my own brand. And you told me that I’m totally capable of that. So I thought, vanilla ice-cream isn’t my flavour and it kinda disturbs me knowing that your favourite flavour is someone else’s flavour. So I…” He scratched the back of his head, looking awkward. “I don’t feel good about it. That’s why I— wait, is this jealousy? Does jealousy feel like this? Oh my, I— mph…”

Lan WangJi can take it no more. He kissed Wei WuXian hard and only let him go after biting him on his lower lip.

“Lan Zhan, do you know?” Wei WuXian breathed after he’d gathered enough air back into his lungs.


“I’ve tried all sorts of ice-cream while I tried to create a decent flavour that you’ll like. But at the end of the day, I realised one thing.”

He paused just to lick Lan WangJi’s lips, as if he’s tasting it.

“The sweetest food that I’ve ever tasted is you.”

Lan WangJi’s heart skipped a beat. He pulled Wei WuXian close, pressing his body against his own.

Wei WuXian laughed and patted him on the back of his head.

“Aww, are you shy? How cute. Well, to be fair, you can say anything you want now and you’ll embarrass me too so I’m not any better than you. With that said, I shall refrain myself from teasing you any further to keep both our dignities intact. See how nice I am to you, Professor Lan!”

Lan WangJi looked at him then. The moment they met gaze, Wei WuXian knew that he’s doomed. And sure enough, when Lan WangJi spoke again, he couldn’t bring himself to say anything at all so he clenched down hard on Lan WangJi and pulled him into a second wave of lust, ready for a second round.

“Do you want ice-cream?” was what Lan WangJi, now his business partner and also his boyfriend, had said.

6 thoughts on “「Do You Want Ice-Cream?」Extra: What’s Your Favourite Dessert?

  1. Jusy_78 October 27, 2019 / 11:16 am

    When you described Wei WuXian’s tanned skin, I immediately wondered what it was. Most East Asians are milky white while Southeast Asians have a beige color. I imagined Wei WuXian’s exotic skin color resembling thick honey color awwww 😍 (or i am wrong?)

    Btw, good writing Shino! I melted as I read it and I started wishing I could have a boyfriend right now 🤣

    … And oh, poor poor wwx legs. if they have sex two hours while sitting, their legs must be achy 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    • shinocchi October 30, 2019 / 7:29 am

      Haha yup, something like that! I always like to find new kind of Wei Ying to gobb— I mean, to write! So this one just works really well with tanned Wei Ying, haha!

      Thank you so much! Melted is a flattering comment since this is, well, ice-cream-themed, so thank you for your kind comment, appreciate it so much!! 💕

      Welp, don’t worry, er-gege will nurse him back into good health, hehe.


  2. DianeVenus October 28, 2019 / 4:57 am


    Xianxian no need to worry Er-gege have a lot of money. hahaha 🥰


    • shinocchi October 30, 2019 / 7:31 am

      Hahahaha, indeed! If they need money, they can work out a thing together too 😉


  3. dutrima October 28, 2019 / 11:37 pm

    ”You gave us a baby” while LAn Zhan still inside Wei YIng. Good timing Wei YIng..Good story Shino. Please continue to share their passion and love and day to day life ( it makes me smile and laugh)..


    • shinocchi October 30, 2019 / 7:32 am

      Haha, welp. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely continue writing as long as I’m inspired 😀 so glad you enjoyed my stories 🥰


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