「My Next-Door Neighbour」Extra: My Present

FANDOM: Mo Dao Zu Shi
PAIRING: Lan WangJi / Wei WuXian
RATING: General.
NOTE: Modern AU; High school students Lan WangJi x Wei WuXian; both 15; light-hearted slice-of-life.
A/N: 3-year old wangxian.

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A story of two high school boys learning how to take care of an injured kitten.

It’s been half an hour.

Lan WangJi had come earlier today, sitting on his usual seat in the class, waiting.

Usually, he only needed to wait for 15 minutes. But half an hour had passed and there were no signs of hurried, excited footsteps, then a bubbly shadow jumping on him, before he’ll get to hear a bright “Lan Zhan! I’m here!” in his ears. Those were his routine, but those were nowhere to be seen.

Now, everything was quiet. Too quiet. He’s the only person in the class.

Was Wei Ying not coming today?

Lan WangJi lowered his head, feeling a tad lonely. He grasped on the small box he’d kept hidden in the drawer and was just putting it away in his bag when he heard them — hurried footsteps, a shadow, but not a bright voice.

It was a whimper.

“Lan Zhan…”

Lan WangJi turned around, surprised. His heart leapt a beat when he saw that Wei WuXian was standing at the door, one tiny hand rubbing on an eye as tears dropped from the other.

He stood right away. The very sight of a crying Wei WuXian was so shocking his mind went white. He’d never seen Wei WuXian being in such a fragile state before and every minute detail he spotted only made him feel worse from the inside. He wasn’t sure what he’s supposed to do but he knew that he should do something. He didn’t know what to say either. He was curious about what happened but above all, he’s more heartbroken to see Wei WuXian looking so miserable like this.

He walked towards Wei WuXian and searched around his small pockets, pulling out a white handkerchief.

He gently wiped the tears off Wei WuXian’s eyes. Wei WuXian was still weeping when he did that but he let Lan WangJi do whatever he wanted to do anyway, obedient. Once Lan WangJi was done with cleaning his face, Wei WuXian pouted and looked at him with teary eyes.

“Lan Zhan…”

“En,” Lan WangJi can only say.

Wei WuXian was always so jolly, like a sun. No matter what happened, Wei WuXian was always the one who comforted others, not one to be comforted. Lan WangJi was still too small to know what he should do to make Wei WuXian feel better. Besides wiping his tears for him, another thing he thought might help was patting Wei WuXian on the head.

And without the need for Lan WangJi to ask, Wei WuXian spilled the beans all by himself.

“There was… sniffs, a dog. It… it chased after me.”

Lan WangJi’s heart cracked.

“I thought I was going to die!” Wei WuXian cried.

Lan WangJi took his hand and brought him to his desk, where he let him sit down before he ransacked his pocket again and found a rabbit-shaped caramel candy. He gave it to Wei WuXian.

Wei WuXian shook his head, pushing the candy back to Lan WangJi. He’s back to rubbing a tiny knuckle on his eye, looking like he’s about to cry again. Seeing that, Lan WangJi stood up all of a sudden.

Wei WuXian hurriedly grabbed him on his sleeve.

“Where are you going?” he asked through blubbering voice; thinking that Lan WangJi had given up trying to comfort him, he cried harder.

“Beat it.”

“Beat what?” Wei WuXian asked.

“The dog.”

“No, no! Don’t go! It’s very fierce!” Wei WuXian tried to stop him but Lan WangJi had scurried out of the room before Wei WuXian can pull him back.

Lan WangJi didn’t come back for the rest of the day. And Wei WuXian continued to cry, sitting in Lan WangJi’s seat with constant “Lan Zhan… Lan Zhan… come back…” muttering under his breath. Not even the teachers can do anything to stop him from crying. In the end, in order not to disturb the class, he buried his head in a small pillow Lan WangJi brought for him when Wei WuXian insisted to sleep on the same pillow as him during afternoon naps, muffling his voice.

When it’s finally time to go back, Wei WuXian walked all by himself to the school gate, snuffling with every new step he took, lonely. Lan WangJi would usually walk to the gate with him. But now, without Lan WangJi, he felt even sadder than being chased by a dog in the morning. Besides, he’s worried about Lan WangJi.

That dog was really fierce! Did the dog eat him?!

He bawled even harder at that thought.

“Lan Zhan… Lan Zhan, ah…” he wept as he walked.

He was thinking about asking his parents to bring him over to the Lan’s house later, at least to apologise to Lan WangJi’s family for the troubles he’d caused Lan WangJi, when he spotted a familiar shadow standing just outside the school gate.

“Lan Zhan!”

He forgot all about his tears, he forgot all about the dog, he forgot all about loneliness and fear. The very sight of Lan WangJi returned the light into his world as he ran so fast towards Lan WangJi that he almost tripped if Lan WangJi hadn’t hold onto him right before he could fall for real.

“Don’t run,” Lan WangJi said.

“Lan Zhan! You’re alive! Where did you go?! Did you really beat the dog?” Wei WuXian asked anxiously.


“Lan Zhan! That dog is very— what is that? No, no, let me see! Is this a bite mark? Did the dog bite you?”

Wei WuXian pulled Lan WangJi’s hand over, wanting to check the small wound he’d caught sight of before Lan WangJi could hide it away.

“Just a scratch,” Lan WangJi said. When he saw that Wei WuXian was about to cry again, he quickly continued. “Not painful.”

“Lan Zhan…” Wei WuXian looked at him with snivelling eyes.

Lan WangJi nervously patted him on his head.

“I am not lying. Not painful. The dog, I…” he paused. “I’ve beat it for you.”

“You don’t have to!” Wei WuXian said. He picked up Lan WangJi’s hand and blew on it. “My mom said, if I blow on it, it won’t hurt anymore.”

Lan WangJi shook his head, “It bullied you. But don’t be afraid. I will protect you.”

Finally, Wei WuXian broke into a radiant beam and nodded enthusiastically. Lan WangJi felt the weight on his heart lift but it didn’t last for long. In the next second, his expression changed to one of solemn, even sorrowful.

“What’s wrong? Does it hurt?” Wei WuXian asked, noticing the shift in his expression.

Lan WangJi shook his head. Without saying anything, he swung his bag over and took out an abnormally shaped box. He opened it up, revealing what looked like a flattened cupcake.

“I bought you a cake but… it was ruined when I was beating the dog just now.”

Wei WuXian’s mouth fell open. “Why do you buy me a cake?”

Lan WangJi looked at him for a while before he spoke, averting gaze with Wei WuXian,

“It’s… your birthday today.”

Wei WuXian gaped at him, visibly surprised. Then, out of nowhere, Wei WuXian laughed.

“I forgot!”

Lan WangJi stared at him, perplexed.

“But it’s okay! You remember!” Wei WuXian continued.

Lan WangJi lowered his head, looking at the destroyed cupcake in his tiny hands.


Wei WuXian has taken the cupcake out of his hands before he could say anything else and ate everything in one bite.

“It’s so tasty! Thank you, Lan Zhan! You are always so nice to me! I like you so, so much!”

Lan WangJi could only bring himself to stare, at a loss of words.

“Can I ask for another birthday present?” Wei WuXian said, crumbs of the chocolate cupcake stuck on the corners of his mouth.

“En,” Lan WangJi said without hesitation. He’d love it if he can give Wei WuXian something else — something that’s not broken nor ugly.

Wei WuXian grinned brightly and held Lan WangJi’s hand.

“Can we hold hands and walk home together? I don’t know if there’ll be more dogs later but if I hold your hand, then you can protect me!”

Lan WangJi was stunned. But the tiny hand in his was determined and before he knew it, he’d returned that grasp as well, no less firm than how Wei WuXian was holding him.

With Wei WuXian still grinning at him, he raised his gaze from their connected hands and smiled ever so thinly.

“En. Let’s go home together.”

8 thoughts on “「My Next-Door Neighbour」Extra: My Present

  1. Lyn October 27, 2019 / 6:31 pm

    Awwwwwww 🥺🥺🥺😍🥰
    Sweet and a little bit sour… their childhood memories that you’re writing are beautifully done. Many thanks 🥺🥺


    • shinocchi October 30, 2019 / 7:30 am

      Thank you so much!! Their childhood is a mix of a lot of things but most of then are cute _(:3 so glad you enjoyed’


  2. DianeVenus October 28, 2019 / 4:49 am

    *CRIES* This is so CUTE!! (´▽`ʃ❤ƪ)

    Thank you Shino~~ *Give my heart* ಥ_ಥ


    • shinocchi October 30, 2019 / 7:31 am

      You’re welcome!! Thank you so much! So glad to know you enjoyed :’D


  3. dutrima October 28, 2019 / 9:56 am

    So cute… memories of when they were small…

    We can feel that they were already close to each other at the time… LAn Zhan protecting Wei Ying and Wei Ying so grateful, eyes full of joy and stars…


    • shinocchi October 30, 2019 / 7:31 am

      Yup, Lan Zhan geeks responsible towards him now, haha! But he also genuinely loves him a lot so 😌


  4. Irene November 1, 2019 / 1:12 am

    Aaawwwn how sweet. Thank you, Shino!


    • shinocchi November 1, 2019 / 1:20 am

      You’re welcome! Thanks you for reading, glad you enjoyed 😀


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