「Your Heart on My Sleeves」

PAIRING: Lan WangJi x Wei WuXian
Post-canon; inspired by “Wei WuXian always (accidentally) wears Lan WangJi’s inner clothing (中衣; zhongyi). Zhongyi is kinda like, the closest garment to the body, it’s the most intimate and private layer out of all the other layers one wears in modao’s worldview 😇


Some habits won’t change, some gestures go unnoticed… not for long.

If the details of this night-hunt were to be spread throughout the cultivation world, it’d definitely serve as a laughing stock for a long, long time. 

The yao they were supposed to seize during this night-hunt was totally something that had taken them off guard, not only because it turned out that, well, it wasn’t a yao but a beast in the first place, but the disciples had let their defences loose just because the beast looked very much innocent and docile, and, in just a blink of an eye, they were ambushed, attacked, and now…

…chasing after what looked like a totally fragile, unharmful duck all over the forest, the sounds of yelling, footsteps scampering, and duck quacking echoing throughout the compact woods.

Wei WuXian had been stifling his laughter the entire time now ever since he found out about the true form of this very yaoー no, beast. He even went over to prod the seemingly obedient duck ー one with beautiful white feathers ー a few times, stroke its tiny head a few times, and then smiling artfully at it, just to be returned by what looked like a mocking glare before he left the matter into the disciples’ hands. This was the disciples’ training after all; he can’t be interfering even though he knew the whole picture. 

But seeing the dismay on the disciples’ faces upon realizing that they were ridiculed by a duck honestly had him laughing out loud before he retreated to a tree as the disciples got out of their stun and finally started chasing after the duck.

“Don’t ever take something lightly just because it looks innocent and tamed,” he’d advised the disciples when Lan JingYi raged at him, asking him why didn’t he tell them the truth when he already knew it from the beginning. “Sometimes, the most innocent-looking person or thing might just be the most ferocious opponent you’ll ever meet. Besides, it’s your training. What’s the point of me doing your homework for you when you’re supposed to practice hands-on and learn something from it?”

And now, he was sitting on a tree, watched as the disciples hounded after the duck, and only leapt from the tree when he heard Lan SiZhui calling out to him from afar.

They were now standing on the shore, by what looked like a vast lake, all staring into the water. Wei WuXian came to stand by Lan SiZhui’s side and asked,

“What’s the matter?”

“The duckー I mean, beast, i-it jumped into the water,” Lan SiZhui said, pointing at the centre of the water, a place where the beast had disappeared into.

“And?” Wei WuXian pressed on.


No one said anything.

“Why aren’t you chasing after it?” Wei WuXian continued to ask.


Still, no one said anything.

Wei WuXian raised an eyebrow, the corners of his lips curved into an impish smile as he narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t tell me none of you knows how to swim?”


He sighed out loud. Without a word, he started tugging his belt loose, much to the astonishment of the rest.

“S-S-Senior Wei, what are you doing?” Lan SiZhui stuttered.

“What do I look like I’m doing?” Wei WuXian asked, already stripping his outer robe off, now left with nothing but his inner clothing, the material silklike and soft with no crease whatsoever. But it was also slightly bigger than his own body size, the sleeves dangling two inches longer than his arm’s length. 

“D-Don’t tell me you’re taking a dip now? When we’re in the midst of trying to catch a beast?” Lan JingYi spoke out.

Wei WuXian winked at him. Swiftly pulling his inner clothing off and throwing it to one side, he jumped into the lake right after he hurled them a prompt ‘I’m going to catch a duck for dinner!’, leaving the rest of the disciples to stare at his disappearing shadow, dumbfounded.


Wei WuXian returned just shortly after with the struggling duck in his hands. Wet from head to toe, strands of his hair stuck on his face. He was topless, fair skin and gorgeous muscles lines utterly exposed under the disciples’ eyes, his pants drenched from the inside out.

“JingYi, since you look like you hold the most bitterness towards it, here, I’ll leave it for you to decide how to handle it,” he stuffed the duck right into Lan JingYi’s arms.

“A-Ah?” Lan JingYi faltered but Wei WuXian had turned away, snagging his strands of long hair and squeezing it dry.

“Senior Wei, you caught it just like that?” one of the disciples who’d followed them to the night-hunt asked as he approached the grappling duck warily.

“Yup, just like that,” Wei WuXian said, still occupied with his hair. 

“There’s nothing else inside the lake?” another disciple asked.

“Speaking of which, I really need to make a note to your HanGuang-Jun and tell him to start giving all of you swimming training.” He straightened his back, crossed his arms, and swept his glance through the standing disciples. “You’re lucky you have me here this time. If not, you would’ve failed your hunt today.”

“Is swimming hard?” another voice echoed.

“But Senior Wei did it so effortlessly! It shouldn’t be too hard, right?”

“Do we need to have any prerequisite before we can learn how to swim? Like, physical stamina, or if there are any allergies…”

Wei WuXian laughed out loud, “What do allergies have to do with swimming?”

One of the disciples pointed at Wei WuXian, “Because, Senior Wei! Your bodies have those red marksー”

“Ahhhh!” Lan SiZhui shrieked all of a sudden. He snatched Wei WuXian’s robes and hid Wei WuXian’s body from the rest of the disciples before he spoke, albeit his tone way higher than his usual one. “S-S-Senior Wei! Don’t you think you should hurry and change first? We don’t want you to be getting a cold, HanGuang-Jun will get worried.”

“Iー” Wei WuXian was about to say something before his eyes widened, realizing something. Chuckling with a shake of his head, he dutifully took his clothes from Lan SiZhui.

“SiZhui is so sharp as always,” he praised as he got dressed, while the other disciples went ahead to purify the beast in the duck. “Can’t blame me though. If I hesitate longer, the beast would have escaped.”

Lan SiZhui smiled bitterly, “Senior Wei, maybe you should’ve worn something when you jumped into the lake earlier. That way, you won’t get too much cold on your body as well.”

Wei WuXian snickered. He already wore his inner clothing by now and was staring at the sleeves for some reason. “I can’t. Look,” he said, lifting his sleeves up and showing them to Lan SiZhui. “Don’t you think it’s a bit too big and too long for me? It’ll become heavy when I get into the water and it’ll only disrupt my movements.”

Lan SiZhui took some time to scrutinize the sleeves before he nodded in agreement, “It seems that your inner clothing is too big for you. Does the size not fit? Maybe I can get our tailor to fix it.”

Wei WuXian waved his hand with a smile and grabbed his outer robe next, “No need for the trouble.” He swathed his outer robe over his inner clothing then folded his sleeves twice. “See? Just do it like this and it’s all good. Besides, no one can see it if I hide it under my robes anyway.”

“If you insist…” Lan SiZhui said.

But what Lan SiZhui pointed out had Wei WuXian thinking. All his clothing were specifically tailored by Lan WangJi and there’s absolutely no way Lan WangJi would ever get his body size wrong.


He sniffed a few times on the extra inch of the sleeve on his inner clothing. A small smirk raised on his lips.

Inner clothing all looked the same; they might differ in colours but ever since Wei WuXian had come to stay with Lan WangJi he’s also been wearing the same kind of clean, white inner clothing that kept his appearance elegant and presentable at all times with his black outer robe overlaid neatly over his inside layers. When the day got colder, he’ll also find himself wearing an additional layer that’s red in between his black outer robe and white inner clothing, giving him an even more stunning outlook that would never fail to attract attention whenever he’s present.

And all these clothing were tiresomely and painstakingly prepared by none other but Lan WangJi. Every beginning of the year, before New Year, a tailor will drop by Gusu Lan Sect for measurements so that they can prepare new clothing for the disciples if in any case someone grew some length and required a new set of more fitting robes. Wei WuXian’s robes were bought outside, but on the first year when he was here, he’d also gotten his own body measured, alongside his very own set of robes ー one white, one black. 

So there’s no way his inner clothing will become too big for him now. He refused to believe that he’d shrunk, especially not when he was growing properly, gained some flesh, and progressed in his cultivation under Lan WangJi’s scrupulous care. 

So there’s only one possibility he could think of and he might as well test it out if he had the chance.

That very chance came to him soon after ー just a day after he got back from his night-hunt with the Lan Sect disciples.

When he woke Lan WangJi was already nowhere to be seen. Knowing that he’s out making breakfast for him, Wei WuXian yawned, rolled a few times under the blanket, before he stretched and finally dragged himself out of bed. He’s naked, entire body uncovered, the wispy love marks that were almost spotted by the disciples a day before now tainted in a darker colour that looked evidently like the culprit who’d sowed them there had decided to reinforce his territory. Wei WuXian rubbed one eye with a knuckle, let loose another yawn, then searched blindly for his robes. 

It didn’t take long for him to find them. A clean set of robes were already well set on the foot of the bed when he crawled his way there. Sloppily, he clasped the inner clothing over and wore it, eyes closed, doing it half-asleep.

The fleecy light material coated through his hands, enveloping his body seamlessly in the next moment. Leaving the knot on his waist untied, he was about to take hold of his outer robe before he realized that the sleeves of his inner clothing were too long for him to move around properly, ultimately urging him to open his eyes, snapped awake.

He tilted his head. With his hands still stretched, he looked at the sleeves. The white piece of thin material was spread and covered half of his hand when it was supposed to fit snugly right to his wrist. He stared at it for a while longer, pondered for a bit, before he burst into a muted chuckle.

“Lan Zhan, oh, Lan Zhan,” he uttered under his breath, just in time for the very person whose name he muttered to come walking into the room with a box of food in his hands.

He looked pretty surprised that Wei WuXian was already awake and was even starting to dress up. Can’t blame him, really. They’d had a stormy night, and Wei WuXian usually wouldn’t wake for another hour. Lan WangJi put the food away and came towards Wei WuXian. Seeing that he’s wearing nothing but a mere piece of inner clothing hanging loosely on his body, he halted in his steps, just a few steps away from the bed, the tint in his eyes shaded a tad darker as his throat glided up and down. 

Wei WuXian eased a sweet smile at him and leaned backwards, just a tad, but just enough for the inner clothing to unfold to both sides, revealing his splendid fair body concealed vaguely from beneath. He raised a hand and beckoned Lan WangJi over with a finger.

“HanGuang-Jun, what should I do now?” His voice was so soft, so fresh, and so seductive that it wasn’t helping the enticing sight Lan WangJi can’t move his eyes from ー the inner clothing slightly bigger for him, now barely dangling on his body, red marks scattering all over his fair skin, all of which pronouncing loud and clear of what exactly happened between them the previous night, and the long strands of hair ー some brushing to the front, the rest curtained along the back, tips resting on the bed ー alongside the way Wei WuXian was smiling so enchantingly at him only had heat surging all the way down south, some of which ended up at Lan WangJi’s earlobes, some gathering on his cheeks.

“What is it?” His voice was a contrast with Wei WuXian’s voice; husky and deep. Dangerous.

“You took me so aggressively yesterday, I still can’t feel my waist. Look.” Wei WuXian lifted his hands, pouting. “Look at what you’ve done! You must have thrust some of my soul out of me yesterday. I shrunk! What should I do now, HanGuang-Jun? Don’t you think you should take responsibility, hm?”

Lan WangJi took in a deep breath and paced towards him; every step he took sent a deafening thud right into Wei WuXian’s chest. And every glance he captured of the vibe in his eyes turned Wei WuXian’s lips dry, his throat constricting. Despite his ever-so-composed, ever-so-graceful look, only Wei WuXian knew that Lan WangJi was gravely aroused from within. And the moment Lan WangJi came to sit on the bed with him, he felt his heart skip a beat, right before he felt the warm slender fingers slipping towards his waist, gently massaging for him. A gratified moan escaped his lips.

“How do you want me to take responsibility?” Lan WangJi’s voice was magnetic and close; too close. And Wei WuXian loved it.

He pinched Lan WangJi gently on his chin, fondling with it, before he said,

“Give me some of your soul, of course.”

And Lan WangJi did; he kissed him so hard the vigour was returned to Wei WuXian, the warmth coursing through his veins. He kissed him so hard in a way Wei WuXian loved so much that he could only bring himself to cling onto Lan WangJi, returning the kiss, returning every ounce of affection Lan WangJi was giving him, subtly or not.

He mused. He’d gained weight since he’s under Lan WangJi’s care, that’s for sure. Gained height, maybe not yet. But shrinking? That’s impossible.

Totally impossible!

So there’s just no way his robes had become too big for him, and not only that, only his inner clothing became too big for him! 

Wei WuXian rubbed his chin with closed eyes, pondering. In that case, coupled with how Lan WangJi responded when he tested him that morning, he could pretty much confirm that the few times he’d found out his inner clothing was too big for him was because those… weren’t his.

They were Lan WangJi’s inner clothing.

Coming to that conclusion, Wei WuXian slapped his thigh and laughed out loud. Lan WangJi had gone out for his classes of the day after he’s done accompanying Wei WuXian with his breakfast. He had a whole day of classes today and would only end in the evening. After that, there’s a meeting with the elders to discuss the upcoming Discussion Conference that would probably only end at night. Lan WangJi had told Wei WuXian that he could head out for dinner if he didn’t want to eat in but Wei WuXian brushed that favour away, telling him that he wouldn’t mind eating the Cloud Recesses’ food every so often. Plus, he can also meet up with the young ones later and see how they managed the duck after they caught it back yesterday. If all was good, he can even have the duck for dinner.

But now that he’d figured out that Lan WangJi had been purposefully putting his inner clothing for him to wear once in a while, another question that was starting to bother Wei WuXian was ー why?

Did he have not enough clothes to wear? Gusu’s clothing material was strong and not prone to dirt so he was always certain that the frequency of him changing his clothes would definitely not outrun the need to wash them. Or was it because he really didn’t have enough that Lan WangJi had to borrow him his while his own clothes were in the washing?

With that thought, he strolled towards the wardrobe. The wardrobe in Jing Shi was divided into two compartments, one in all-white, another in all-black; one of Lan WangJi’s, one of Wei WuXian’s. He rarely ever needed to search this wardrobe himself. Lan WangJi always woke earlier than him, Lan WangJi always bathed him, so he’s always the one who prepared his clothes for him. Wei WuXian never needed to lift a finger. Now that he was here though, his curiosity heightened as he fumbled through his own wardrobe, wanting to count his robes. His fingers stroke pass his black outer robes and landed on the inner side of the wardrobe, where he found his pile of inner clothing.


Wei WuXian’s smile curved higher. He reached deeper and touched another pile of robes, one that he recognized as his own Gusu Lan Sect robes. Struck with nostalgia, he was about to take the robes out when his fingers brushed against something else.

Something that’s rougher, very unlike the usual robe quality he used to wear and touch.


Very much curious, he dipped deeper and attempted to retrieve the thing out of the wardrobe. It’s placed in his own compartment, surely this wasn’t invading anyone’s privacy, right? Since it’s… his?

The moment he managed to pull that ‘something’ out, his jaws dropped.

This was, indeed, his. 

And he’d long forgotten about it for more than two decades.

He was holding a set of very old inner clothing in his own hands; it was clearly washed, but not very nicely, because he could still see stains of dried blood patches on it, probably can’t be washed after being stuck on it for too long. He swallowed down his throat, fingers trembling ever so mildly when he traced along the seams, swarmed by nostalgia.

He’d borrowed this very inner clothing to Lan WangJi way, way, back when they were both stuck, all alone, in the Xuanwu cave in Dusk-Creek Mountain. Back then, he was too unwell to stay conscious, let alone make sense of things. But right before he fell ill, he remembered very well how he’d let Lan WangJi wear his inner clothing when both of their clothes were torn and filthy, while he resorted to wearing the dirtier outer robe.

He didn’t remember if Lan WangJi ever returned it to him.

But now that he’s literally holding it in his hands, he came to realize that Lan WangJi had never returned it to him after all. But now, in the end, it came back to him. 

Lan WangJi had returned it to him in one way or another.

“Lan Zhan…” he breathed the words out in a heated whisper, hugging the inner clothing close in his arms.

While he wasn’t looking at Lan WangJi, Lan WangJi had always been looking over him. When he thought about everything that had happened in the cave, he came to realize how far since Lan WangJi’s affection had dawned upon him. He wasn’t looking, that’s why he didn’t realize. But now that he had his eyes on Lan WangJi, he’s slowly but surely noticing every footprint Lan WangJi had left behind while he looked over him, and how Lan WangJi had devoted him as his Destined Person ever since then. 

He vowed to discover more of these tiny footprints Lan WangJi left behind, just so he could return them to him tenfold.

By the time Lan WangJi got back to Jing Shi, Wei WuXian was already snuggled under the blanket. His footsteps turned lighter as he went over to check on Wei WuXian. Wei WuXian was sleeping soundly, most of his body hidden under the blanket, only revealing his face. With slim fingers, Lan WangJi brushed on a few strands of hair that were sticking on Wei WuXian’s face before Wei WuXian’s eyelashes fluttered. 

And then, he opened his eyes. His bright dark orbs immediately crashing into Lan WangJi’s own light-coloured orbs.

“Lan Zhan, why are you such a gentleman?” Wei WuXian grunted.

Lan WangJi looked at him, confused.

“I’m defenceless for once, totally ready to be pounded. Shouldn’t you be jumping on me, flip the blanket away, and start tearing my clothes off by now?”

Lan WangJi knew that he’s spouting nonsense as he smiled with a shake of his head. 

“Tired?” he asked instead, leaning down to kiss Wei WuXian on his forehead.

“Not as tired as HanGuang-Jun,” Wei WuXian grinned. He grasped Lan WangJi on his wrist before he could leave and asked. “But since HanGuang-Jun had come to me all by himself, don’t you want to do something first before you leave?”

Lan WangJi raised an eyebrow. “You’re tired,” he said, though it didn’t sound at all convincing from the faint heat Wei WuXian had spotted in his tone.

“It’s not like I need to do much anyway,” Wei WuXian said. “All I need to do is open my legs and HanGuang-Jun will do all the job, right?”

Across time, Lan WangJi had slowly but surely getting more wonted with Wei WuXian’s blatant vulgar words but thanks to his upbringing, he still can’t help but feel a bit flustered every time he heard such erotic words, spoken by the only man he loved. And without being able to help it, he’d soon find himself falling into Wei WuXian’s seduction, doing exactly what Wei WuXian wanted, which was often what he wanted too.

He kissed Wei WuXian on the forehead again, then his nose, his cheek, his lips, while another hand flipped the blanket out of the way like Wei WuXian had suggested and slipped towards his clothes, wanting to push them out of the way, when his motion staggered upon feeling the material of the inner clothing Wei WuXian was wearing.

He pulled himself off the kiss, meeting eyes with a dazed pair of gaze right away. Wei WuXian was breathing a tad heavier. The moment he saw Lan WangJi’s eyes, however, he broke into a smile and urged Lan WangJi to touch him more.

“What’s the matter? You have the courage to do it before, so don’t tell me you’re pulling out only now?” Wei WuXian provoked.

Lan WangJi had made out what exactly was he touching in the midst of Wei WuXian’s words. His throat constricted, the corners of his eyes twitched ever so slightly before he brought himself to speak,

“You… found it?” 

“En, en,” Wei WuXian nodded a few times. “Oh, good Lan Zhan, is this why you’re always letting me wear your inner clothing? Because I let you wear mine before, hm? This one is so old and dirty already, throw it away! Or is that it? You’re keeping it as some sort of remembrance? You already took my pouch but you even took this, exactly how many things do you intend to steal from me, huh? If you want my inner clothing, just let me know! It could be a bit smaller for your body size but hey, if I can wear a bigger size for you then surely HanGuang-Jun can do it for me too? Don’t you want to wrap yourself in my scent like how I’m always wrapped in yours whenever I wear your inner clothing? Also, do you have a hobby with collecting my stuff or something? Luckily I died without anything left, no bones, no ashes, no flesh, no blood, if not, who knows if you’llー ahhhh! Don’t always, ah! Touch me before I finished speaking!”

“You asked for it yourself!” Lan WangJi growled before he planted a hard kiss on Wei WuXian’s neck, sucking all the words out of him.

But no matter what Lan WangJi took, Wei WuXian would always give him. Including his body, his soul, and his heart. Because what’s his was his too, and this time, they no longer needed to do it sneakily ー 

ー they can do it openly, just like a pair of husbands could, wearing their hearts on their sleeves, quite literally.


But of course, maybe sometimes he really wears the wrong one, maybe Lan Zhan doesn’t really bother who wears what, maybe Lan Zhan is just being playful. And then… it becomes a habit.

But no matter what it is, both of them are sharing things and being happy about it now — that’s what matters most 🙂

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  1. Kiral-chan November 3, 2019 / 11:16 pm

    Hehehe Sweet, lovely and funny (naive disciples who talk about allergies) I really enjoyed it Shino! (≧ ◡ ≦)


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  3. Jusy_78 November 4, 2019 / 6:36 am

    so this is called your boyfriend’s clothes 😳😳😳 apparently this kind of romance has been around since 500AD? 🤣🤣🤣

    Good writing Shino! 😍


    • shinocchi November 4, 2019 / 10:10 am

      Hahahaha, at this point I feel like wangxian invented the idea of romance themselves, heh.

      Thanks much!! 😀


  4. Lyn November 6, 2019 / 7:18 pm

    So sweet 🥺🥺🥺😍😍😍


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