「Of Dedication」

FANDOM: Mo Dao Zu Shi
RATING: gen.
NOTE: vignette from Lan XiChen’s point of view.


Before he’s the Sect Leader of Gusu Lan Sect, he’s Lan Huan, son of QingHeng-Jun and Madame Lan, nephew of Lan QiRen, and brother of Lan Zhan.


Since he started making sense of the world, he knew that his world was different from the others; he’s aware of the different kind of treatment that’s given to him as compared to the ones given to the other same-age disciples around him. He also knew that his position in the family was different, but above all, he knew that his parents were different; not the kind of different that he thought would be a default just because his father was Sect Leader, but a difference that was the kind of different that’s unlike any other parents a child normally should have.

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