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TWITTER (mostly writing updates): @iamshinocchi
AO3: Shinocchi

Current Ongoing Stories:

  • Down To Your Core: Post-canon; everything that happens post-canon, the knots that need untying, the leftover conspiracies, foes and friends from the past, and the redemptions that are yet to be resolved.
  • Your Worst Enemy: Agent Lan WangJi x Mafia Wei WuXian; Modern AU.
  • Poison Or Cure?Physician Lan WangJi x Poison Master Wei WuXian; wuxia AU with ten years age gap.
  • End of the Bridge: Canon divergence; HanGuang-Jun x Yiling Laozu
  • Afterglow: Canon divergence; wangxian confessed earlier.

I use this site as an archive for the stories I’ve written. For easy navigation, you can use the navigation bars above to search for the stories of your liking 🙂

AO3 would usually get updates first for multi-chapter stories and one-shots above 5,000 of words, whereas others will be updated here first before going on AO3, so if you’re interested in the former, feel free to subscribe on my AO3 for updates! 😀

I accept requests but I cannot promise to write all of them; it depends on how much time I have and if I’m inspired _(:3/L

Feel free to leave your thoughts if you feel like it, I usually reply to all the comments, haha! Happy reading! 💞