「Heartstrings」Extra: Forum Discussion 01

PAIRING: Lan WangJi x Wei WuXian
NOTE: Modern AU; Producer Lan WangJi x Ex(?)-Actor Wei WuXian.

An extra with a different story format, giving a bit of background for when Wei WuXian was still active in the entertainment industry. This extra uses a forum style, so just imagine you’re reading a forum posting, haha!


TITLE: 【BREAKING NEWS!】Wei WuXian is the lead actor for the movie !

TITLE: 【BREAKING NEWS!】Wei WuXian is the lead actor for the movie <Heartstrings>!


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For those who don’t already know, <Heartstrings> is a movie that’s being heavily invested by none other but the Gusu Lan’s Production Company. Based on the report, it seems that the project will be spearheaded by the Second Master of the Lan family, Lan WangJi and… WEI WUXIAN WILL BE THE MAIN LEAD! [screaming.gif]

WHAT? When was this news released? I didn’t see it on the internet?

I saw it! Just went up! Search “wei wuxian heartstrings”, it’s trending all over the internet.

Well, not a surprise. I already figured it out anyway.

@#4, maybe you would like to share with us some leads if you already have some insider news then? [wiggleeyebrows.gif]

Weren’t there rumors about Wei WuXian meeting up with Lan WangJi a couple of times before this?

Since when?! How come I missed this rumor?!

[www.entertainmentinsider.com/rumors/weiwuxian&lanwangji] Try this link.


@#9, please calm down.

So it’s really confirmed, ya? It’s really going to be Wei WuXian? What’s this story about anyway?

@#11, you clicked in without knowing what it’s about?

@12, I’m #11. As a Wei WuXian stan, I’m only ever interested in things that has to do with him. So now that he’ll be playing in this movie, I’m interested in it already starting… today.


Well, nothing wrong with it! <Heartstrings> is a tragedy movie that explores love in various life stages, and the character Wei WuXian will be playing is one that experiences love in different stages of life.

Poly much?

Don’t say things like that about Wei WuXian [angry.gif]

Here comes the protective fans.

You started it first for defaming Wei WuXian!

@ForumModerator, please help deleting flaming comments, thank you.

Anyway, this is the first movie Lan WangJi is spearheading, it seems.

??? Isn’t Lan WangJi looking over the marketing side of things? How come he’s directly involved in production now?

Who knows?

Who wouldn’t want to take charge of Wei WuXian’s movie anyway? His movie always has a chance of winning tons of awards.

Hey, now, don’t speak like Lan WangJi is a person who seeks for fame. The Lan Corporation must have enough trust towards him to allow him to take charge of this movie. I remember seeing the investment is over hundred millions.

Wait, hundred millions? How many zeroes are there?

Still, who can say no to Wei WuXian? Aren’t they close?

Are you still on the rumor?

What rumor?



What makes you say so?! Never heard about Wei WuXian liking men! And it’s even impossible for Lan WangJi! Does his face look like he likes men to you?!

But if you look at this photo: [weiwuxianlanwangjimeeting.jpg], don’t they look like they’re holding hands?

You’re thinking too much. It’s just angle.

Come back, come back! We’re supposed to be talking about the movie, why are we discussing if Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi are together? This is too far-fetched! Unrealistic! Can’t we talk about more realistic stuff? The movie?! The theme of it?!

[This comment has been deleted due to the violating of the forum rules].

...person above, you’re trying to cause a war here, aren’t you?

How dare you use Wei WuXian’s icon? Report this comment.

Yeah, please report.

Seriously… all kinds of people in this forum…

I need to look into this Lan WangJi, though. I have no idea who he is.

You don’t know Lan WangJi?! What kind of cave have you been living in?

@41, sent you a PM. There’s some files that you can check out about the background of Lan WangJi.

@42, not everyone is as knowledgeable as you, okay?
@43, thanks! Will check [kiss.jpg]

Wait, wait, but is that a ring I’m seeing in this picture? [weiwuxianmeetslanwangji08.jpg]

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@ForumModerator, please delete the advertisement @46

Omg… wedding ring… wedding ring…

Guys, guys, that’s just an advertisement. It has nothing to do with the picture!!!!

NO BUT, LOOK! [zoominwangxianring.jpg] IT’S REALLY A RING!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

Hsfjkhskjdfhkjdshfksdhfksdjfhskjdfhjkjdshfkjshf kHDOASHKJFHKJHSKFJHSDK


@52, you okay? Really, guys, please calm down. Even if they are rings, it doesn’t prove anything! Don’t create unnecessary rumors!!!



Ya’ll!! Please share if you found anything!

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… Erm... I came in late but… isn’t this forum topic supposed to be talking about <Heartstrings> and Wei WuXian? [why.jpg]


TITLE: 30; Double Identities
Lan WangJi x Wei WuXian
NOTE: Modern AU; Producer Lan WangJi x Ex(?)-Actor Wei WuXian


Wei WuXian was at the top of his career: he’s an excellent actor, well-known internationally, and had several awards under his belt, not forgetting how charming his appearance was, with his outgoing, friendly attitude as his trademark. His personality was bright, so was his future; he was what one would call a legend in the movies, one that was born to act, and one that would only appear every few decades.

That’s why, when he retired off the big screen at the peak of things, the media landscape went amok, his fanbase was in flames. Everyone could only guess what was the reason for his retirement.

The most popular speculation was that he’d gotten married. But little did they know…

The sun was high, the sky blazed blue. Along the streets lined rows of cars that were all nothing but opulent. In front of the school stood a group of men and women in lavish-looking attire, all standing in excellent posture, saying nothing to each other, simply waiting.

Wei WuXian, however, was sitting on a metal railing opposite the school, a wide road separating between him and the building.

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