The Middle Point Between Obedience & Disobedience

Wei Ying tendency to not stick to the trifles =/= disobedience.

Under Jiang FengMian’s governance, Jiang Sect might look very much like it has no rules because Wei Ying is so used to drinking, playing with kites, hunting pheasants on top of his studies and practices. But, it’s not like that. Even when Jiang Sect’s teaching isn’t carved in a stone wall like Lan Sect, it always has one, that is to “know what’s the right thing to do even when the situation is unforgiving for such action” (I believe in English version it’s translated to ‘attempt the impossible’), and that is one crucial teaching that Wei Ying always obeys despite being lenient with the trifles. The teaching wasn’t written out, but it’s already carved deeply in his heart.

For Wei Ying, it’s not that he does not follow rules, but it’s just that he has his own rules to follow; something that’s built upon his own belief, experiences, moral compass, and principle.

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Mo Dao Zu Shi; Donghua S2 Trigger Timeline

Donghua uses a stream of consciousness style of scripting in Season 2, in which the trigger that elicits the “past events” is heavily dependent on Wei Ying’s “consciousness” and “sentiments”. I’ve tidied up the timeline for a clearer view so that it’s easier to see what exactly has triggered Wei Ying into reliving the past events through the effect of an upgraded Ezu Mark, cleverly enhanced and utilized in S2 for the very purpose.

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“There’s nothing to explain” ー Lan Zhan’s Resolution

“There’s nothing to explain” is a line Lan Zhan told the Lan XiChen, Lan QiRen, and the 33 elders when they rushed to find him in Yiling’s cave with Wei WuXian after the massacre in Nightless City. Even though this line was narrated through Lan XiChen, spoken in just one line, it’s easy to tell how this one line had been so destructive to not only him but the rest of Lan Zhan’s family as well.

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The Weight of Debts of Gratitude vs Interest ー Yunmeng Duo’s Inevitable Parting

“No need to cover up for me. Let me go.” ー Wei WuXian, “Chapter 73: Unyielding”.

Actually, no matter how I look at it, Yunmeng duo’s parting ways is inescapable. There are a lot of factors to it but in this meta, I want to focus on two main points that are the biggest contributing aspects to the rupture.

  1. Wen Qing and Wen Ning’s debts of gratitude.
  2. The political climate surrounding Yunmeng Jiang Sect and Wei WuXian’s own stance.

I mentioned two points here, but to be honest, even if any of those points don’t exist, at the end of the day, Wei WuXian will still choose to leave Yunmeng Jiang Sect all by himself. Another point being Wei WuXian’s own will but it’s too much to break down in this meta so for this one, I want to focus on the bigger picture first rather than individually _(:3/L

Meta as follow.

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Lan Zhan’s “Devotion”

I was thinking about how is Lan Zhan such a wonderful man and now I get this sudden inspiration to write about Lan Zhan’s devotion 😭

When we talk about Lan Zhan’s “devotion”, the one thing that comes to one’s mind is usually how devoted/faithful he is towards Wei Ying. But I feel Lan Zhan is more than that. I feel Lan Zhan’s devotion is something he’d nurtured growing up, and it’s not exclusive towards only Wei Ying. Lan Zhan’s devotion, alongside his commitment, isn’t limited to Wei Ying. He’s also like this with people he loss as well as the world as a whole. He’s like this to the living being ー to people, never bias, never choosing.

This is what makes Lan Zhan’s devotion his. It’s what makes Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan. It’s also what makes him HanGuang-Jun.

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