Mo Dao Zu Shi Fanfiction


  • The Tiny Two」; wangxian, gen, 3,000+ ⇒ In a corner where many wouldn’t pay attention, love happens.
  • Farfetched Dream」; wangxian, R18, 750+ ⇒ Savoring forbidden fruit in the midst of war; HanGuang-Jun x Yiling Laozu.
  • From The Graves」; gen, gen, 1,100+ ⇒ Don’t dig the wrong graveyard.
  • Hide & Seek」; wangxian, gen, 4,200+ ⇒ 15yo wangxian; Are you hiding, or are you looking for someone?


Mid-Canon + Post-Canon

  • One Soul, One Home」; wangxian, gen, 3,800+ ⇒ There’s only one soul he’d plead for. And there’s only one home he’d return to.
  • Goodbye & Hello」; wangxian, gen, 2,300+ ⇒ Some things never change; some people are destined to be together.
  • Small Promises」; gen, gen, 3,300+ ⇒ A person can mean a lot to you for decades, even forever. So as a promise. For Jiang Cheng’s birthday.
  • Once Gone, Once Return」; wangxian, gen, 2,100+ ⇒ He’s the only person that hasn’t and will never change.
  • Hoarfrost」; wangxian, gen, 3,100+ ⇒ Sometimes the things you lost come back to you in the most unexpected ways.



  • One More Chance」; wangxian, gen, 1,100+ ⇒ He finally returns; Lan WangJi’s POV.
  • Wish Upon The Moon」; wangxian, R18, 17,830 ⇒ Mid-Autumn story.
  • Passing Down」; gen, gen, 3,500+ ⇒ What’s done is done. But that doesn’t mean the present can’t be better than the past. For Jin Ling’s birthday.
  • Unlike The Past」; gen, gen, 1,500+ ⇒ They will return what Lan XiChen has done for them, back at him.
  • Cold or Warm?」; wangxian, mature, 2,300+ ⇒ Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi found themselves in the Cold Spring again.
  • Like Brothers」; wangxian, gen, 1,800+ ⇒ Never let the Double Jades drink. At least not in front of others.
  • Undying Sentiment」; gen, gen, 3,800+ ⇒ The one time Lan JingYi went out for a night hunt session with Wei WuXian, he lost his…
  • Hidden Beneath Melodies」; wangxian, gen, 1,900+ ⇒ Lan SiZhui aspires to master different types of melodies with his guqin that can live up to different kinds of purposes. But there’s one song he’d never be able to master, ever.
  • Of Family」; wangxian, gen, 1,900+ ⇒ Lan SiZhui aspires to master different types of melodies with his guqin that can live up to different kinds of purposes. But there’s one song he’d never be able to master, ever.
  • Winter」; wangxian, gen, 1,100+ ⇒ Not even winter can freeze their hearts.
  • The Best Attire」; wangxian, gen, 1,300+ ⇒ He’d missed many turning points in Lan WangJi’s life, but there’s one that he’d never ever miss.
  • Small Pain」; wangxian, mature, 1,400+ ⇒ Tummy-rubbing domestic life.
  • As Light As Air」; wangxian, gen, 1,500+ ⇒ Wei WuXian always has his ways to appear out of nowhere, everywhere.
  • Not Missing A Day」; wangxian, R18, 2,300+ ⇒ It’s a sacred routine.
  • Unsatiable」; wangxian, R18, 2,600+ ⇒ Power couple doing power couple thing.
  • I saw a deity, really!」; wangxian, gen, 3,200+ ⇒ “Can’t believe there’s an actual deity in our poor village, how is that even possible?!”
  • You Sleep First」; wangxian, gen, 700+ ⇒ Who sleeps first at night?
  • Yiling Patriarch’s Tips 101: How to Chase Walking Corpses Away」; wangxian, gen, 1,100+ ⇒ You won’t go wrong with Yiling Laozu’s way.
  • One Last Time」; wangxian, gen, 1,300+ ⇒ “I just want to see you for one last time.”
  • Between Grief & Bliss」; wangxian, R18, 3,500+ ⇒ Two times the pain, two times the bliss.
  • After Rain」; wangxian, gen, 2,200+ ⇒ There’s only clear sky after rain.
  • Small Steps」; wangxian, gen, 3,200+ ⇒ It’s the small steps that matter.
  • Erogenous」; wangxian, mature, 1,000+ ⇒ “Of course I’d know where your sensitive spots are.”
  • Reminder」; wangxian, gen, 1,200+ ⇒ In which Wei Ying experiences short-term memory loss from an aftereffect after having defeated a yao.


Alternate Universe

  • Fire In, Fire Out」; wangxian, mature, 1,100+ ⇒ [AU: Police!WangJi x Mafia!WuXian] We’re at the opposite sides of things but we’re connected as one.
  • Afterglow」; wangxian, mature, 700+ ⇒ [AU: Police!WangJi x Mafia!WuXian] Sometimes there’s no need for words to tell how one feels.
  • The Black Cat」; wangxian, gen, 1,300+ ⇒ [AU: Modern] A story about Lan WangJi and the black cat he picked up by the roadside.
  • 「Do You Want Ice-Cream?」; wangxian, gen ⇒ [AU: Professor!WangJi x Ice-Cream Man!WuXian] A short story about how an ice-cream man chases after a professor.
  • 「PROJECT CODE: 736」; wangxian, gen ⇒ [AU: AI Lan WangJi x Creator/Professor Wei WuXian] Using his expertise, Wei WuXian creates an AI that resembles the man in his dream, in search of memories he lost.