Mid-Canon + Post-Canon

  • One Soul, One Home」; wangxian, gen, 3,800+ ⇒ There’s only one soul he’d plead for. And there’s only one home he’d return to.

  • Goodbye & Hello」; wangxian, gen, 2,300+ ⇒ Some things never change; some people are destined to be together.

  • Small Promises」; gen, gen, 3,300+ ⇒ A person can mean a lot to you for decades, even forever. So as a promise. For Jiang Cheng’s birthday.

  • Once Gone, Once Return」; wangxian, gen, 2,100+ ⇒ He’s the only person that hasn’t and will never change.

  • Hoarfrost」; wangxian, gen, 3,100+ ⇒ Sometimes the things you lost come back to you in the most unexpected ways.

  • Aftercare」; wangxian, R18, 7,420 ⇒ The aftercare after wangxian first lovemaking, and the second lovemaking that comes after.

  • The Fate That’s Not Ours」; wangxian, gen, 2,700+ ⇒ Sometimes fate allows us to meet, but it doesn’t allow us to be together. Until when the time is right.