Alternate Universe

  • 「Just Instincts」; wangxian, R18, 151,879 ⇒ [AU: Animal Spirits AU; Human Lan WangJi x Fox Spirit Wei WuXian] A story of how animals come to live on an equal level with humans.

  • 「Heartstrings」; wangxian, R18 ⇒ [AU: Modern AU; Producer Lan WangJi x Ex(?)-Actor Wei WuXian] “Why did the famous actor Wei WuXian retire?!”

  • Fire In, Fire Out」; wangxian, mature, 1,100+ ⇒ [AU: Police!WangJi x Mafia!WuXian] We’re at the opposite sides of things but we’re connected as one.

  • Afterglow」; wangxian, mature, 700+ ⇒ [AU: Police!WangJi x Mafia!WuXian] Sometimes there’s no need for words to tell how one feels.

  • The Black Cat」; wangxian, gen, 1,300+ ⇒ [AU: Modern] A story about Lan WangJi and the black cat he picked up by the roadside.

  • 「Do You Want Ice-Cream?」; wangxian, R18 ⇒ [AU: Professor!WangJi x Ice-Cream Man!WuXian] A short story about how an ice-cream man chases after a professor.

  • 「PROJECT CODE: 736」; wangxian, gen ⇒ [AU: AI Lan WangJi x Creator/Professor Wei WuXian] Using his expertise, Wei WuXian creates an AI that resembles the man in his dream, in search of memories he lost.

  • 「Poison or Cure?」; wangxian, gen ⇒ [AU: Physician Lan WangJi x Poison Master Wei WuXian] wuxia setting; 10 years age gap.

  • 「Enchanted」; wangxian, gen ⇒ [AU: HP]